Wednesday, January 28, 2004

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Wednesday, January 28, 2004
And the storm continues...
Last week my sister called me (she lives in Arlington) and had me to talk to a guy on the phone. He was Chinese and didn't believe that a white girl like myself could speak Chinese, too. Well, I was busy so I cold Chinese Boy to IM me. It turns out that he didn't have IM, so he downloaded it just for me. (All together now: aaaaawwwww). He sent me a picture of himself in a swimsuit and the boy is CUT. 8 pack, amazing abs. The works. And he likes me(of course).

Last night, I get a text from my sister's phone that reads, "Hey it's Chinese Boy. Just wanted to let you know that I will be seeing you at Spring Break." Turns out my sister invited him skiing with us.
Oh, dear. That could be a disaster. I already have a harem of men up
- posted by Fuoco @ 9:45 AM
I am the proud owner of a cream-colored suede Moschino belt. I've been
eyeing it since October. I was ready to buy it then, and drop a hundred
bucks on it, but then I saw the black pirate belt. I went back to Neiman's
yesterday and they had the belt on sale for 15$. Oh happy day, oh happy day. Also, yesterday I bought some new K2 rollerblades. Spent way too much money on them but I've been coveting them for a while. Now I can go put on cute outfits and woo the boys (like I need ANY more following me around).
- posted by Fuoco @ 8:43 AM
More Physics Grad Boy IM:

Fuoco: So, what are you up to?
Grad Boy: Reading CNN, current events.
F: Oh, so that's why you're ignoring me. But it's aight, those things are
more important.
GB: No, you're current events, so I'll quit with CNN.
Too cheezy, but too cute.
- posted by Fuoco @ 8:41 AM

Tuesday, January 27, 2004
Physics Grad Boy IMed me:
Pysics Grad Boy: you're special
Fuoco: in a good way, or in the, "oh, she's speical" kinda way?
PGB: in a...i can tease her about being special because she's really
something special kind of way
Fouco: thanks
PGB: you're welcome
- posted by Fuoco @ 3:45 PM
The phone rings at 2:51 am... who could it be?

None other than Single Cell.
What the fuck is he doing calling on Monday night at 2:51 in the morning?

Booty call, I guess. And there is no way I'll comply.

I answer the phone.

Single Cell: Do you know who this is?
The conversation is followed with a bunch of "huh?" and "what?" on his part. He wants me to come party with him. There is no noise in the background. He is probably partying alone with his one eyed snake. Just my guess. I respectfully decline.

Single Cell: When are you partying?
Fuoco: Wednesday. Give me a holler on Wednesday.
SC: YOU give ME a holler.
F: No way. If you wanna hang, you call me.
SC: Fine, we'll both holler at each other.
F: Yeah, but you holler first.
When it rains, it pours.

I wanted to wake Mexico up and tell her, but I figured she didn't want me to get her out of bed to talk about SC. So I giggled myself to sleep.
- posted by Fuoco @ 2:51 AM

Monday, January 26, 2004
Band Boy is back
Last night Band Boy IMed me-- I haven't spoken to him in 6 weeks:
Band Boy: Hey what's up?
Fuoco: Nothing much. You?
BB: Same old, same old.
F: Same old as in you won't accept my offers for a reconcilation?
BB: I was always up for that. :)
F: Then how come I was unconditionally shot down every time I asked you to hang out?
BB: Circumstances. I really was busy. But I've been up since 9 recording our new album so I'm going to go to bed. We'll talk soon, allright?
F: Well, Mr. Rockstar, why don't YOU IM me when you have some time.
BB: Yes ma'am. Gnight.
Life is good.

Yesterday I was also asked out by Law Boy and by Physics Grad boy.
Life is really good.
- posted by Fuoco @ 9:47 AM

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