Saturday, February 28, 2004

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Friday, February 27, 2004

Vodka Testing at 3:30pm

The guys at the liquor store (all five of them) near my work know me by name. I walked in today, and I heard of chorus, "F is here!"

They then decided I HAD to try an expensive brand of vodka. I couldn't say no to free vodka!! So, I had some... then I asked for a second tasting.

So smooooooth. If only the bottle weren't 50$... Oh, XO vodka...

The story of a Lonely Cone...

I don't think that Homer (who does not like that nickname, so he shall henceforth be known as Mr. X), appreciated the effort that it took three drunk chicks to go to Taco Cabana at 3 am and sneak his favorite food into his house. And I don't think he liked tripping over that cone, either. Oops.

Lemme explain.

Last night, France, Red & I went out for Teacher's birthday. After buttery nipples at the house and loads of shots downtown, we were pretty tipsy by the time we left (I can always guage my drunkenness by how much I lust after Single Cell-- and last night I told him to call me, dammit!!).

We were a bit hungry, so we decided to head to Taco Cabana to get some grub, at which point I thought of Mr. X, all asleep in his bed-- prior that night I had called him and after he told me he was going to work at 6 am, my tipsy self told him I wouldn't call him anymore that night so he could get some sleep. While at TC, however, I realized that I had not promised not to go BY his house. So I bought his favorite TC food, and proceeded to find his house, with a few difficulties.

The three of us stealthily (or so we THOUGHT) crept into his house (it was unlocked), and after "aaawwwing" over cute Mr. X was in his sleep, we left the TC bag riiiight in front of his bedroom door. We stealthily crept out. As we were getting into our car, one of Mr. X's neighbors came & invited us to a kegger in his back yard. He had Dos XX, so we were enticed to go, but after taking one look into his scary, dark, empty backyard, we fled the scene (after spending 15 minutes looking for Red's lost credit card, which France found).

We took Red home- she had a quiz in the morning, and in the middle of the road on the way we spied a orange cone. We decided Mr. X NEEDED that cone for his house. He HAD to have it. After dropping off Red, LV & I made some illegal U-turns and eventually had the cone in our possession. We once again crept quietly and very James Bond-like back in Mr. X's house and placed the cone in the middle of his bathroom, right in front of the broken bathroom sink. We crept back out, quiet as mice, and went home.

Today, talking to Mr. X-- who was NOT amused or appreciative of his two gifts-- told us that both times we woke him up with our giggling our clicking heels against the wooden floor. Damn heels. I guess we weren't as quiet as we thought. I guess I shouldn't turn in that application for the CIA.

Makes me so sad that he wasn't happy with presents. :( Those were given out of drunken love. I could have kept the cone for my own home. But noooo: I decided to be altruistic and all I got was a big fat unhappy Mr. X.


Thursday, February 26, 2004

A gift

So, even though I saw my dad yesterday for all of five minutes, I still didn't get my birthday gift. I am concluding that he was seriously mad at me, so now I really don't get it. I think that I deserve one. I am a good daughter and I make him proud (or I like to think so). So, I've decided that he's gonna give me a birthday gift whehter he wants to or not. I'm gonna use his Amex (in my name) and go on a little shopping spree at the Co-op, cause he knows I buy my books there, charged to the Amex, which he pays for. I'll tell him a book came in late... instead, I'll get that TX sweatshirt I've been coveting for a while, that costs 50 bucks!!!

Go me!!

I am a horrible daughter?

Wednesday, February 25, 2004


Hey everyone, now you can comment on the stupid shit i do on my blog, so excited, so everyone add this comment thing on your blog!!! hopefully it works, if not, pop me an email and i'll try to sort it out!

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Free food & stuff

After my horrid test this morning, I checked my voicemail. One missed call, "hi honey," --it's my dad-- "I'm in Austin, so give a call on my 4th cell phone number." ---WHat the FUCK?!? (that cussing was about his being in Austin, not the 4 cell phones).

I call him back, and it turns out both my dad and my brother are in town for a work convention. I tell my dad I was heading up to the convention to see them. My dad said that he was leaving town in 30 min, but would be back tomorrow, and could we have lunch. Fine. What about my older brother? Well, he'll be in meetings all day.Fine. Get me a pass to the convention.

A pass to the convention means free stuff, and here's a list: 25 cokes and dr peppers, 2 tshirts, dozens of pens, 6 pack of water, 6 pack of orange juice, 2 bags, 2 huge coffee mugs, coozies, key chains, 3 packs of tortillas, an industrial-size bag of chips, salad dressings, plates, napinks, cups, forks (which I have started using now that I dont have a dishwasher)... then on to the GOOD stuff- all the free food I got to sample: hamburgers, fried shrimp and chicken, quesadillas, ice cream, ice cream toppings, chips, french fries, onion rings, frappuchinos of all types, more ice cream... so so stuffed!!

AND, I got a ticket out of someone for free drinks, dinner, and dancing tonight!

Yessssss-- finally get to wear that new dress!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2004

ZTK: Now accepting applications

Now accepting applications for the Zappa Tampon Krappa sorority.


Must be able to party till the sun comes up
Must be willing to dance & sing any time, any where
Must partake in crank calls at random hours of the night
Must want to wear big sunglasses while hiding condoms on people's front porches in the middle of the night
Must be handy with a calligraphy marker
Must be able to define "cuchina"
Must be able to wear cute but painful shoes in the sake of fashion (and that includes cute but unconfortable clothes, too)
Must be spontaneous
Must want to wear amazing jewellery even if it chokes you to death

More to come...

Please contact myself, or the Queen of Spain for more details.

Zappa, Zappa, Zappa,
We're gonna Krappa, Krappa, Krappa...

...more of the song to come when inspiration hits me...

my ASS

Darling LV/Queen of France-- your choice, forgot to mention one veeeeery small detail about Sat night.... she and Red signed my ASS! One cheek a person! And they are still there!

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Daddy's Little Girl

For all y'all that knew my dad was mad at me... he called me yesterday!!! this might not sound like a big deal, but trust me, it is. We used to talk DAILY, for the past month-ish, we've spoken only because of necessity, and that was rarely. Yesterday he called me for the first time in weeks! (and yes, i am BIG daddy's girl!)


Saturday night of Mardi Gras

From LV's blog-- whom I shall now call France...

... got ready for DT and F and Red came over...we chilled, got ready and took a cab to Fado once again...trying to stay out of the Mardi Gras crowd. We get there meet up with Mexico and friend and the bar sucks! The guys were all old and moldy just wasn't entertaining. We go to Lucky Lounge afterwards...once again kind of a older guy crowd. I did see a guy with a shirt that looks oddly similar to a tablecloth of my mom. Left and went to Red Fez which I used to absolutely love! was ehh last night. I commandeered a cool paper flower that was attached to the building while waiting in line. I loved it and got comments all night about it. We danced with these fabulous black guys celebrating their friends graduation. They rocked and we finally started having some fun. We got into the dancing spirit and decided it was time to brave 6th street...well at least make a trip to CT. No surly coppers this time but Lisa and I did learn a new word from our great and worldly friend great is that. Lisa and I annoyed the group by using the word as much as possible in every sentence and in every situation all night long.... a little later the cugina expanded into a gesticulating cugina. It was great fun. We went couldnt' get into CT for free and we all refuse to pay cover. So we went and totally slummed it on 6th. Went into the Ritz and some club called Exodus. Man..I don't think there was one attractive guy on 6th last night!

(F's parenthesis-- ran into Mustang & spill boy-- i got drinks and shots and they got us in Friends- danced there a bit- okay. got to see single cell, lookin' hot as usual...)

We left before 2am to get a cab and chilled at my place trying to find an after party....thats when the prank calls started. We started calling Homer and leaving crazy messages and then it escalated to calling various people in F's phonebook and leaving them crazy messages. Once again we owe it to Red and her innovative thinking for the newly founded Zappa Tampon Krappa which is headed by Regina phalange. Well I guess we have the writers of "Friends" to thank but Kate remembered it and so we are forever grateful. We provided much entertainment for ourselves. We then went over to Homer's house making a detour to F's house. There we sifted through her fabulous jewelry and picking up a zillion condoms. The condoms were then left all over Homer's house and front porch in signature Zappa Tampon Krappa style. Alas, the night was then over for me. We all went our respective ways and except for some 5am calls I slept till noon. Homer supposedly left a message...I checked it my sleep and erased it. I have no clue what it said. Bottom line: This weekend was amazing!

more post note from F: I couldnt sleep, so when my phone rang I 5 am, i jumped at the oppurtunity to leave the house to head over to Homer's. We chilled, watched the Simposon's (like Homer ALWAYS does-- but it's funny!!) and chatted. 'round 6 everyone was passing out, and i was heading home when I was coerced into sleeping over at homer's again. he was right though, why drive home at 6, might as well sleep a few hours there...

now, am trying to write a 8 pp spanish paper- but i am easily distracted...

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Mardi Gras Friday-- home @ 8:30 am and 2 cop encounters

Last night, went out with LV and a bunch of her friends. Met up, drank wine, went to Fado. Been SO LONG since I'd been there so I'd forgotten how many non-skanky guys there are. Examples, a whole Fire Squad. Yum! We drank a bit (not much) danced in front of the dj who took all our requests, and chatted it up. Started chatting to the dj's friend- and Irish boy who decided to show us his nipples three times by midnight. They were both pierced. Great. Irish Boy was very cute, albiet a bit skinny, but I decided to give him a kiss as we left. I went in for the kiss, and came at me with his tongue. When you first kiss someone, don't stick your tongue in her MOUTH. I was a bit repulsed. So I left without making a big effort to have him get my number. (LV meanwhile managed to chat up Floppy Hair Boy for a drink, and she spent some time with a tall hot firefighter. Go her!)

Headed over to 6th to check out the Mardi Gras debauchary, but I was unimpressed. Crossing the street towards Coper Tank, I put my hands in the air in a 80s punk rock style, and sticking my tongue out. A cop came and grabbed my arm and I asked me if I was intoxicated.

Me: I am NOT intoxicated, give me a breathalizer test, cause I've only had ONE beer" (spoken with attitude).
Cop: "Intoxication means when you're in public and you're trying to endanger yourself. You were walking across the street with your hands in the air, acting like god, not looking at oncoming traffic..."
Me: "But I did look at oncoming traffic, I saw the cars were way beyond that stoplight..." --cop cut me off
Cop: "No you weren't! Quit arguing unless you want me to arrest you..."
Me: I said okay, and walked off...
...looking for LV-- she was drunk, and was hiding while I was yelled at. haha! I'd done the same thing in her place!

One of the best parts about the evening-- I was wearing my 12 foot long (REAL) pearls so whenever guess offered to give me their beads, I could shake my head and tell thim I'd take them "only if they're real."

We decided to be good and catch a cab home pretty early, 1:30. But at 2:30 I got a phone call from Homer. He had a bunch of his out-of-town friends staying with him for the weekend while they partied it up for a bachelor party. He asked me to bring over toilet paper & beer. I happily complied. House full of tipsy guys and ME. Sure thing!

I headed over and stopped at a red light-- it's around 3 am and no one is on the road so I decided to run a red light, as I often do cause I get impatient. As soon as I made the illegal left turn, a cop car comes into view... slowing down, maybe... yes, definately slowing down... SHIT! make first right turn possible, then left turn, then right turn, hoping cop can't find me. Finally get to Homer's house and run inside and hide.

Got to Homer's house and one of the boys kept on staring at me and telling me I was cute (which was nice, considering I looked pretty skank with unwashed hair, sweaty from dancing, and smelly bar clothes, but hey, I'll take it!). We hung out and drank beer, me sitting all cuddled up to Homer until the Boys started quizzing me about Homer. I spent an long period of time being grilled about my "relationship" with Homer (since when have we had a relationship!). "Sooooo... y'all dating?" "No." "Y'all sleeping together?" "No." "No sex?" "Nope". "Friends with Benefits?" "No again." "So what are y'all?" I looked at Homer. "We're friends, I guess." They didn't buy it and kept quizzing me all night long.

Homer had to work at 9 am, so he went off to bed. I followed soon thereafter, with snickers coming from the Boys.... for no reason, I might add!

I crawled in bed with him, and he was fast asleep and even though asleep, his arms were open and ready to cuddle. It amazes me how much I hate being touched when I sleep, and yet I like being pressed up again H.

I --finally-- passed out and I left in the morning right before his alarm clock went off...

Thursday, February 19, 2004

The day you look like SHIT

The day you are at your most tired, with no sleep, with dark bags, with no makeup, with ratty clothes you found on the floor, are the days you see EVERYONE that you want to look glam for.

Yesterday ran into an old high school crush and I looked like shit. I had forgotten his name (hey, it was a while back) but at least he remembered mine. I just wish that I hadn't been looking like hell.

A Phone Call...

Last night I get a voice mail:

"Flaminiiiia (pronounced very Italian-y)... this is the Vegetable. Calling to see if you're still mad at me. Call me back, home phone XXX-XXXX, and cell XXX-XXXX."

For those of you that don't know who The Vegetable is... he's the DJ at a local hotspot. Been super-nice to me: on my bday let about 15 of us in for free, guys & girls. He told me that he'd call me to take me out to dinner, but he didn't. So last weekend, when we were out, I went by the club and told him off-- kinda kidding, but he took it seriously.

Haha. But I don't wanna go out with him now that he's called. Is that bad?

Wednesday, February 18, 2004


Yesterday, when my friend ... I'll call her Paris was in town we went shopping and spent waaay too much money. After a few mojitos at happy hour, we decided to go roller blading. The sun was setting as we drove to the park so we pulled over to a parking lot and skated there. Didn't fall, but after about 45 min we were ready to go home.

Watched Le Divorce at Homer's House- it was okay. Paris went home and I was bored so Homer came over to my place. I showed him pictures of places I'd been to and we chatted till the wee hours of the morning. He fell asleep, attached to me, all cuddled up. I just lay awake. I can't sleep if someone touches me... so I don't why I let him do it. I guess it IS nice to be held once & a while. Either way, he cracks me up & I enjoy talking to him. This morning, I was supposed to be at work at 10 am... I called in with some excuse and didn't get there till after noon. Oops. Really tired today, but till head over to kickboxing. Hope I can gather some energy to keep my eyes open and not get kicked in the face again!

Small Problems lead to big changes

Okay folks, a friend decided to give the link to my old blog to people who dont like me, so I deleted it all and changed the url.

Maybe a bit harsh, but I felt the need to not let this person read my blog anymore.

I don't care how many of your friends read my blog, just make sure that they are NOT one of the guys I gripe about in my daily musings!


Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Don't Mess with my Nutella

So annoyed...

It's amazing how much Physics Boy is annoying me lately. Another dude from Friendster annoyed me so I blocked him from my AIM, looks like Physics boy is treading thin waters. Here's an example...

Me: nutella rocks my world
Me: in a minute i'll have finished a WHOLE jar
Him: maybe i can steal some from your lips (side note from me.. EWWW)
Him: :)
Me: no way
Me: it's all for me
Me: totally hoard it
Him: what if i bought a jar
Him: and put some on my lips
Me: i'd prob eat the jar before you got a chance to touch it
Me: dont mess with me and my chocolate

Am grossed out about that comment... should I be, though?

Monday, February 16, 2004

Naughty with the pliers

Good times with the pliers...

The best part about this weekend (other than the AMAZING snow fight that all of 6th street partook in) was finding a pair pliers in some club. I LOVE my pliers, & I LOVE the fact that I now OWN pliers. I will have to find things to ply. Such fun. But anyways, I kept them in my front jeans pocket, so everyone could see them (got some funny looks), and when I grooved to the music, they grooved with me. Then the bouncer of some club saw them and told me I couldn't have them cuase they were a weapon. I went to the owner of the bar, and told him, "I am a black belt in Tung So Doo. My body is a weapon, so those pliers will do jack shit of trouble in your club comared to ME." And I got my pliers back.
I walked around all night pinching people in the ass with the pliers, and they would turn around and get mad at me, but I would exclaim, "Hey! Don't blame me, it was the pliers~"

Friday, February 13, 2004

Debauchery in the Snow

Last night, Farouche called me and asked me if I wanted to go see an Ice Bats(hockey) game. The Ice Bats sucked and lost, but we had a blast watching the hot men skate around and get into fight, watching the coach break the plexiglass, and yell, "Knucklepuck," and, "Show us the Flying V!!" Good times.

We left the game, headed home and immediately started taking shots of pure liquor: crown, amaretto, and finished off my bottle of Tuaca. We thought that if we were hammered enough, we wouldn't feel the FREEZING-ASS weather, snow, rain, sleet. Oh, yeah, great plan.

Homer came and picked us up, we were pretty hammered. Ran all over 6th street, club to club, as usual. Went to see Lil Cap'n Travis-- Homer's favorite band. Then we realized it was snowing. So we ran out on the street and Farouche and I had a snowball fight. We ran back up and got Homer and as soon as he stepped outside, we pummeled him with snow balls. The bars closed so EVERYONE was outside partaking in a city-wide snowball fight. Farouche and I were SOAKED to the bone, but we weren't cold. Interesting. Very interesting, indeed. Homer was cold, but we still kept throwing snow on him.

Ran into Mustang Boy and ex-Spill Manager. Threw snowballs with them. I think I kissed ex-Spill Boy, but a bit fuzzy. Ran into more rugby guys that fell in love with Farouche, so they got her number and called her all night long. On the way back to the car, Farouche & decided we had to pee so bad, that we did it in an alley way, next to Homer's car. While we were peeing, Homer was throwing snow on us. Hard to pee that way!

Homer took us back home, at which point, sober as I was, I hopped in my car with Farouche, went to Homer's house, picked him up, then went back downtown to pick up Mustang and Spill. Drove them to their houses. Mustang picked up Farouche and bodyslammed her into the snow and made out with her. We hung out at their house for 10 min before our wet clothes finally started feeling wet and cold. As we left, I gave ex-Spill boy a few kisses. Don't really know why, but it seemed appropriate at the time.

Dropped Faraouche and Homer off at home, and 40 miles later, plastered, the city covered in white, and no accidents, I got home, too. Tore my wet jeans off, and slept in my coat, scarf and shirt. That's the way to do it, baby.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Close Encounters with random boys

So, a couple of days ago, Physics Grad Boy & I were IMing:

Me: I am tired, just got back from kickboxing.
Boy: Where do you work out?
Me: Up north.
Boy: At __________?
Me: Yeah, how did you know that???
Boy: I used to work out there.

Good to know. So yesterday I asked my boxing instructor about Physics Boy, and instructor said he was a nice guy. Turns out he's a black belt in Tang Soo Do. I was impressed. So, last night, after movie night with Mexico, I went to a bar with LV. After seeing some old friends from freshman year, I decided to call up Physics Boy and invite him for a beer.

He shows up-- cute. Doesn't make give me butterflies in the stomach like Jersey/Blue Shirt Boy, but he's nice and cute. Tall. He kept on looking at me and telling me how cute I was. I just told him that flattery didn't work on me, and he insisted it wasn't flattery. Meh. It just made me uncomfortable

He's cute, but this weekend I'm still gonna give Jersey one LAST phone call, cause he makes my knees knock together...

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Spain's Recap

I LOVED Spain's recap of my birthday weekend, so I am posting here. Too cute!

This weekend was also F's bday! quick summary of bday activities: "wrapped" apartment with scandalous items, Changs!! with rockstar parking and without great fortunes (we had the waiter bring us heaps of fortune cookies until we found acceptable destinies. this ended in piles of cookies we couldn't eat because of all of the amazing chocolate cake, lots of cellophane, and stacks of little papers), downtown revelry, LAST CALL! (as in, neiman marcus), more shopping (as in every major store in area in austin), kat takes a break, F. gives away witty presents "for the record....the only problem i have with alcohol is that i'm running low on vodka!" DJ VEG, manager matt, single cell, tiny, drink bouncer (dunno name), other bartender friends...ending in five girls locked out of apartment at three in the morning (so we crash at F's friend's house....all i have to say is elimidate!!! oh, and a tshirt that is currently being held for ransom) Angies Restaurant, a visit to the capitol....

Sunday, February 08, 2004


I LOVED this, from Noella's blog

check it out, she's too funny...

Three Situations in Life where it's OK to Lie:

1. You're busy making your seven bucks an hour at a job that you are completely over-qualified for, and an applicant eager to get a good word in with your boss asks, "So, how do you like working here?" You say, "I totally love it, it's awesome," and go back to arranging bra foundations. What you really want to say is, "Look, bitch, my feet hurt, the damn ligting in this place makes me look awful, and I have to listen to a softcore porn soundtrack all day, and later, some old woman will ask me how her bra fits and I will have to stare at her saggy boobs and saggy stomach while trying to keep a straight face and hoping to GOD that I don't look like that in twenty years."

2. You have unprotected sex with your boyfriend and he's SUCH a gentleman that he decides to be an man and give you forty bucks for the morning after pill.  However, you are broke.  And you are HUNGRY. And your SUV has no gas.  And a tank of gas and McDonald's sounds sooo good.  And maybe a happy hour or two.  So, you leave it up to fate and when he calls to make sure you bought and took the pill, you say, "Sure, baby, I took care of that this morning."

3.This one's easy: Mother: "So, how'd your job interview go?" Child: "Oh, it went really well.  I don't know if they'll hire me, cause there are ALOT of qualified cantidates...but maybe the other three I have lined up this week will pan out...oh, and can you send me a hundred dollars, cause I really need a job and I have NO gas in my car, so I can't get to all those wonderful job interviews unless you give me money!" Haha...job....interview....riiiigt.

Locked out... where to stay?

Had a blast for Part II of my birthday weekend. After a fabulous lunch at PF Chang's (with party hat, noise makers, flowers, a tiara, chocolate cake and a free bday lunch for me :) - it was delicious) we shopped all day at the mall.

Went out (there were 6 of us in the core group) and everyone met up with us. Good times. After hours of dancing, we headed back to Mexico's place, only to find out we were locked out!! So, I called Homer and told him we were locked out (hint, hint) and told us to come to his house. So, five of us crashed at his house, and the poor boy had to work this morning at 8 so he let us stay at his house all morning and sleep in. Love you Homer, you're the best!!!

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Birthday Marathon!

Last night, as soon as Ireland made it to town, we went out (accompanied by Farouche). I called my Cute Boy in Blue Shirt (whom I'll now call Jersey) and told him to meet up with us. Everywhere we went, I got my free shots, and everywhere we went Farouch knew people. She was one popular gal. When we made it to Copper Tank, the DJ there had to rap my name, of course, and he gave us free coozies with his name on him (he's sponsored by Miller Light). He told me he'd call me and take me out this week for dinner. Not attracted to DJ, but he's funny. We headed over to Friend's (where of course, my luck, Single Cell was working the door) and drank a lot there (the DJ called my name out) and the owner bought us all lots of shots. Ireland was dancing it up with Dude that she met at CT, that found her at Friends.

Finally, Jersey shows up, and he was cuter than I remembered. We talked for under a minute and he had to go next door to find someone. I told him I'd call him with postparty plans. So... I needed postparty plans- fast?! Farouche TELLS one of her guy friends that we're having a postparty at his house. We leave the bars, go to Farouche's, get booze and head over to the postparty (which turned out to be us three girls, and three guys). Jersey calls and he comes over with another dude. He's toooooo cute. They leave soon (or what seems like it, but it was probably 3:45 am), but Jersey says he'll call the next day....

I get home to find that my house has been wrapped!! There are streamers, silly string, balloons, condoms, and a furry leopard all over my door and windows. Too cute!

The birthday weekend has taken off well indeed. And tonight, Spain is coming to town and we are gonna rock the house.

Friday, February 06, 2004

Meet...Blue Shirt Boy(Jersey)

A Night Out with the Guys

Last night I cooked dinner for two of my brother's friends. Good food, good company. I dashed out of their apt at 11:30 ran home and changed and met up with Mustang Boy and two of his friends. He told me they are were at Random Bar. I was walking in the bar, when I noticed the door man was none other than Single Cell. Dammit! He told me he had called me and left me a voice mail last week and seemed pissy that I didn't return his phone call. All I could say is, "Have you seen Mustang Boy?". So, I ditched Single Cell to hang out with Mustang.

While we were drinking and shootin' the shit, a cute boy in Blue Shirt walks by. I wanted him baaaad. So, I walk around the bar, casually walk by him and tell him that he needed to smile. When I told him that, a smile spread across his face.

Fast Foward to four bars and numerous drinks later, Blue Shirt Boy is the same bar with me again. Mmmm.... I say fate. I walk by him again and tell him that he's still not smiling. He told me that whenever he sees me, he smiles, and that I catch him at all the wrong time.

Homer and his friend call me to see if they cam meet up. When they get there, I magically procure four Dos XX for them. They were thrilled.

Blue Shirt Boy walks by again, and talks to me-- I forgot what he said, but the next thing I know is that we're making out. Oops. In front of Mustung Boy and his two friends, and Homer and his friend. But aparantly NO ONE saw. WTF?? So, cute boy gets my number, asks about postparty plans and he says he'd call.

I get home, 2:30ish, Homer calls. I was bored and not tired, so I went to Taco Cabana to get us food. While talking to Homer, Mustang Boy calls. I switchover to find out that Mustang Boy wants me to give him head. When I laugh and say no, he starts getting mad at me. This pisses me OFF. Whatever happened to us being FRIENDS?!?! So, while I'm yelling at Mustang Boy, I get another call waiting. This time, an unknown number. Blue Shirt Boy called!!!!! I told him that I already had plans tonight for postparty shit so I couldn't hang out, but that I call him the next day.

Food in tow, I head over to Homer's house. We drink beer, eat Taco Cabana and watch the Simpson's. Around 4 am, I get another phone call.... it's SINGLE CELL with the booty call. When I tell him that I'm not going over to his house, and that he can't come to mine (I wasn't there) and that he can't come to Homer's house, he gets pissy. I told him I'd call him the following day (yeah, right).

I called Thailand at 3 am, then again at 4 am. Oops. A bit hammered. Hope I didn't wake her up!!!

Homer and I hang out-- laughed my ass off. We passed out on the couch around 5 in the morning, and I came home and went to bed around 5:40. Ugh.

Just a little tired. Must rest up before tonight, because my party posse is
coming to town!!!!

Four booty calls in one night-- must be a record!

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Damn Friendster

Friendster is Assaulting Me...

What IS it with all these guys messaging me from Friendster. Here is the
newest one:

Since partying like an eighties rockstar is one
of my favorite hobbies, and since you are
connected to two of my more off the hook crazy
friends who don't even know each other, I had to
see if you wanted to go out and tear shit up or
just chill and chat. email:, mobile# 512-917-XXXX

I mean... I checked his profile out and he is 35. On my profile it, I am 22.
Uh, I don't think so...

Tired of Guys

Am SO tired of Physics Grad Boy being so nice, no matter WHAT I say (I am so spoiled; listen to me, "Wah, wah, wah"). Example:

Physics Grad Boy: that's sweet of you
Me: what can i say? I'm being magnanimous-- i'm not usually sweet
Physics Grad Boy: i know
Physics Grad Boy: you're spicy
Physics Grad Boy: like thai food
Me: more like a bitch
Physics Grad Boy: and a hot one at that

Will he ever give up!

Monday, February 02, 2004

Sweet Heaven comes in the form of silk..

I just put 100% pure silk sheets on my bed. Aaaaahhhhhh, luxury. I had them made in China and never bothered to use them. But, oh lord are they silky...

Now I wanna booty call someone just to hook up on them.

No booty call... must study for first test tomorrow. First test of the last
semester of my undergrad career. Study. But sexy silky sheets..... must.... study....

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