Wednesday, March 31, 2004

funny quote

First off, since I am sitting in bed, crippled, and bored to tears, I have been terrorizing everyone's blog with random comments. And for that I must apologize. But I really am bored. And the vicodin is telling me to do strange things-- like comment on Blogs.

Anyways, whilst having ice cream with Farouche (who graciously came and picked me up) and Red, I remembered something my buddy RP (if you IM me, he's the dude on skis that I have as my buddy icon) told me in New Mexico the morning he woke my ass up at 8:30 AM to go hottubbing.

RP, "It's gonna be a beautiful day, F. Wanna know how I know? I look outside and hear the birds chirping. And somewhere in the woods there's a squirrel humping a turtle. How can it not be a good day?"

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Broken glass & broken knee don't mesh

I was starving earlier and couldn't get ahold of any of my friends/nannies to take me to dinner to I hobbled in the kitchen to see what I could eat. In my fridge: Dr Peppers, tub of margarine, margarita mix, sweet & sour, champagne. None adequate to take with my meds. I found some rice in the cabinet and started boiling it. I somehow lost my balance, lost a crutch, fell over and in the process knocked over a glass. Dammit. I had to go put shoes on (a painful process) then sit on the ground, both legs sticking out (cause I can't bend my hurt one). Had to pick up shreds of glass, then had no where to put them since I couldn't reach the trashcan. I dragged my ass on the floor (hoping I didn't miss a piece) picking it all up. Hopefully I got 'em all.

Then I hopped back to my bed, bowl of rice & Dr Pepper in hand, no crutches. I've found you can't carry things with crutches. Hopping to my bed, however, I spilled half the rice and shook up the coke so that when I opened the can, it sprayed everywhere. Grrrrrreeeaat.

What can go wrong now?


Been sitting in bed all day, miserable and bored. Went to the doctor this morning, but since I was in so much pain she couldn't examine me very well. Meh. I got more drugs, stronger ones, I hope. I want to leave my apt, but there is no way I can get more than 20 feet. Can't drive my car yet, too much pain (at least I got a handicapped sticker for when I can drive my car) and I can't go very fast with my crutches.

Life is miserable.

I wonder how I can pull off going to Cain & Abel's tonight. Must think of plan. Must also wash hair as to not scare off the whole bar with my offensive smell. I mananged to crawl into the bathtub last night (and to shave my legs so the doc today wouldn't have to touch my gross hairy legs like the poor doc last night) but I couldn't figure out how to wash my hair, which is gross. It needs to be washed. I pounded through 45 min of kickboxing last night before I hurt myself, so I got pretty sweaty...

Mmmm... back to C&A... how to get there?

What can happen now?

For those of you that don't know, I blew out my knee tonight whilst kickboxing. I wasn't even in any kind of a fight or anything, I was demonstrating a kick to a newcomer. I fell to the ground, screaming in pain and just had to sit there for 10 minutes, while everyone worked out around me. My boxing instructor kept on trying to pick me up, "F, I can do it." "Yeah, I know you can do it, I just don't want you to." So, I then got help off the ground, and help to sit down. I didn't move from there for 40 min. I sat on my butt and slid down the stairs, then got help from a stranger to hobble to my car, but as soon as I tried to put pressure on the brake pedal, I cried out in pain. I couldn't even fucking drive my car. The pain by now was intense and getting to my car had cost me most of my energy, so I was crying. I called Farouche to come and get me, but she didn't answer I left a sniveling voicemail. I got ahold of some people I work with, who came and got me and took me to the UT ER (haha, calling it that cracks me up). I couldn't even walk in the SSB so they had to get a wheelchair for me. Thank goodness no one was there to see. I was so embarrassed.

The doctor in the UT ER didn't do much other than tell me I hurt my knee, and after some xrays he decided I didn't break or fracture a bone. Well, whoopdeedo! He gave me a vicadin prescription, a note for a handicapped sticker, and crutches. I have to go see the sports medicine people tomorrow.

Farouche, the dear, came and got me from the UT ER and took me to get my meds. She went into HEB while I sat my pretty little ass in the car. She even got my Freebirds for me, while I waited in a corner cause I was feelings sick and couldn't walk through the line myslef. She's been a blessing. And there was a big group of cute high school boys at Freebirds that were being cute, and cleared the crowds for me to get by. They put a smile on my (pain-filled) face.

Got back to my apartment, and have had great difficulties navigating around my apartment on my crutches: not only is my apartment tiny, but it's messy with shit all over the ground, so there's no space for crutches-- hangers, piles of clothes from the ski trip, books, notebooks, computer cords. It's a nightmare!

But I took my vicadin... and it's NOT WORKING! The pain is still there. I have to pee but I don't want to get up and go to the bathroom. The debate: to wet myself or go to the bathroom. Mmmmm...

So now I can't sleep. I can get reasonably comfortable, but the sharp throbbing doesn't cease. Damn vicadin. Please work.

Am going to try to sleep some now... wish me luck!

Presentation grade

A couple of weeks ago, I gave a presentation for my thesis. The crew kept me out till dawn, and I had to get up and present at 9 am. Blood-shot eyes, hair that smelled of smoke, and a raspy voice. But I got my grade, "F's presentation was easily the best of the four that I witnessed. It was articulate, interesting, and beautifully focused. Her poise was exceptional. I would enjoy reading her thesis- and told her so. Superb job. Classy in every way." I got A's all the way down. Sweeeeeet! Goes to show that two hours of sleep and boozing it up before a big day actually can do GOOD. Who would have thought?

Sunday, March 28, 2004

More True Story

Buddha Boy & his friend followed us back to Farouche's apartment. We all hung out for a bit, I left early, around 3. I got a phone call around 5:30 AM from Red. True story: Buddha Boy got his car towed from Farouche's apartment. That makes three people...

True Story

The highlight of tonight was watching Farouche mug down with hot Buddha Boy. They kissed, and kissed, and kissed... and ... kissed. We all wished we had popcorn.

Saturday, March 27, 2004


This site made me laugh out loud. Hehe. compliments of Mr. Humane.

So funny

Ben's blog cracks me up. I got this from his blog. So funny, I especially love the misspellings!

It's Raining Men

This morning, since I was up, I headed out to watch the Black's Rugby Team play in a tournament. Mexian Boy was out there. I ignored him. He ignored me. Things are going well. Hung out with other rugby boys, especially the one who invited me out last night, the one who I have the hots for. There were so many guys out there, I had a blast just looking around.

Curls met up with me. We hung out. Funny conversation. We were talking about sports:

Curls: "Firting should be a sport. ESPN should follow ME around. I mean, look at poker? And what's with extreme ping pong? Why is that shit extreme? It'd be extreme if the ping pong ball were covered in spikes!"
Me: "Yeah, and if it hit you in the face, it'd cut off a piece of your cheek or something. I'd watch that."

Later, about guys, I was talking about all our boys having nicknames, not real names, and Curls chimes in, "Yeah, if you give 'em names, it means they have souls. And they don't have souls."
Me: "Yeah, I'm so proud, even our guy friends are picking up the nicknames. Look at Mr. Humane, he's calling his girl 'Seattle' instead of by her real name."

All it takes is a little persuasion

Yesterday afternoon, I awoke around 5 from a groggy nap. I was late to Farouche's happy hour. She was having drinks & fondue at her place. I rolled out of bed, not really sure where I was or what was going on. I was so sleepy-- I guess two hours a sleep per night for the past two weeks will do that to you!

Got to Farouche's & started munching on the goodies. I was still confused about what was going on around me-- Farouche & Red just laughed. The fondue was excellent-- she had cheese & chocolate fondue. I ate them both in massive quantaties. But by the end of the night I was eating the chocolate fondue with a spoon. Yum!

Me, Farouche, & Mr. Humane hung out for a while. Munching on the goodies, drinking, & watching movies. After a while, my buddy Apostle called and asked us to meet up w/him at Club de Ville. We didn't really want to go downtown, but once we heard the Scottish burr of the guy partying with him, we happily got up, got dressed, and went downtown (the mention of free beers didn't hurt either!).

We walked out of Farouche's apartment, only to hear Red exclaim, "Where's my car?!". It had been towed. Red was a trooper and decided to go out drinking before getting her car out of jail.

Met up with Apostle & Scottish boy, who bought our drinks. Hung out, chewed the fat. Usual bullshit. Good times. Found out Apostle was fired from the bar where he worked because he was caught by TBAC drinking on the job. Oops.

A little while later, Rugby Boy (not to be confused with Mexican boy, aka, my latest Playboy) called & asked me to meet up. So I dragged Red & Farouche to the dive where the rugby boys hung out. At least we got more free drinks.

Went to get Red's car out of jail-- by not I am so tired that I am feeling delirious. I am falling asleep in my car, so I Thailand to stay awake. Thanks to her amusing conversation I didn't fall asleep at the wheel and turn into a statistic.

This morning, I woke up to my phone ringing at 9:45am. Dammit, what do I have to do to get some sleep around here? It was my mom, just calling to chat. Dammit, again.

Got up, checked my computer and saw that BW had IMed last night. Haha. It's his little brother's 21st birthday and they were partying it up! In the IM he told me to come over and party. Oops. Missed that one. So I called him and woke him up this morning. haha. Oops again.

Friday, March 26, 2004

Mexico or Jersey?

last night, Farouche (or France or LV, so many nicknames) and I went out. met up with lots of rugby boys and Mustang's crowd. partied like rockstars. Cheap drinks flowed like water.

mexican boy (aka, Rugby Boy C) was downtown last night, and as soon as i saw him, i was in lust all over again. who needs love when ya got lust? Yum!

Later on that night, ran into Jersey Boy (scroll down to Feb 7th). 'Member him? Talk about lust? We talked for five minutes, me drooling the whole time. so cute. Even though I haven't seen him in two months, he still remembered my (difficult) name. We were going to meet up and party but when it came time to choose between Mexican Boy or Jersey Boy, I called the mexican.

met up with Mexican boy at his house after dropping Farouche off at her place.... he waited for me in his parking lot and started to undress me there. we made out the whole way upstairs to his place. I left his house at 7 am this morning. oops.

i need a nap. i went to sleep at 7 and my office called me at 7:30. so sleepy. but i guess the week in new mexico has made me used to sleeping only a couple of hours a night.

tonight, happy hour at Farouche's. i need to rest up!

New Blog to check out

Check out my friend Sasha's blog, aka, Texan Smile. She's the one who was with me in New Mexico last week. She does a pretty good job of telling the whole long saga.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

That's me, allright

A couple of nights ago, RP (see picture on link to Red River below) told me that Sasha (girlfriend who accompanied me to New Mex) & I are "brutal." As in, we "wouldn't hesitate to tell the whole town that a guy has a small penis [oops] or kick him in the ass." Yeah, i guess if you look at it that way, I am brutal. Hot damn!

oh, yeah. a margarita in your mouth

i forgot to tell y'all the progression of my days while in Red River (and btw, check out that link, cause the crazy dude on skis on that mainpage is my buddy RP I have been talking about in my blogs). We get up. Head to the Lift House (the bar at the bottom of the ski area) and have a vodka 7. Ski a few runs. Couple more vodka 7's. Maybe a shot or two. More runs. Then sunning on the deck, drinks in hand. By now, it's 4:30 pm and we haven't eaten all day. Head home, grab a bite, hop in the shower and get ready to go out (drink in the bathroom while we get ready). Go out, round up the crew for a night of heavy drinking and partying (and fortunately for me, most of the time my bar tabs are all of 2$).

We usually don't vary much from this routine. But one day, when we didn't ski, we headed out to Angel Fire, a ski resort 45 min away to check out the snow boarding nationals. After piling all of us into a car, we stop for liquor, of course. Tall boys of Bud Light, and pints of Jose & Apple Puckers. Swig of Tequila followed by Apple Puckers, "It's like a margarita in your mouth!", as my friend Blondie says. Blondie is wiiiiild. Even by my standards. I can't party with her. She'll drink a pint of tequila, roll a joint & drive at the same time. Whenever she sees anyone get slightly bored, she'll say, "let's go get drunk," and we all usually follow...

What else? Oh yeah, we got to ride Harley's when we spent the night in Amarillo. That was fun...

more random mountain gossip

let's see....

Reading Farouche's blog made me remember my St Patty's day story... it was a local's bday, so we were all wearing stickers that read, "got wood? happy birthday S!". for some reason i had one sticker on each breast (on top of a tshirt) and on on my ass. who knows why? but S' girlfriend (who ran the bar we were partying at) had green jello shots in her trunk parked out back. So all night long I kept on sneaking out and taking shots. then i decided i should share with others. so i started sneaking out cute boys and telling them they could have a shot in exchange for a kiss. i was making out every five minutes with a different boy. well, there was a couple sitting next to the back entrance of the bar, watching me come & go with different boys... she must of thought i was turning TRICKS!! haha, every five minutes with a different guy...

mmm... another random story... one morning, Friday I believe, I was sleeping soundly at 8:25 am, having gone to bed well past 3. in a haze, i heard my phone ring. i get up and answer:
"F, it's RP. We're hottubbing."
"I'm THERE!"
And 2.5 seconds later, I was in RP's hottub, drinking my first beer of the morning... aaah, to be on vacation!

I think I am running out of stories I guess...or maybe I am deliriously tired, having only slept 2 hours last night and driven 900 miles today... off to bed. more random stories tomorrow.

and, Thailand, the bit about the made up bfriend, didn't work so well... mmm...more on this later!

Monday, March 22, 2004

Quick update from the Rockies

Folks, sorry it has taken so long to post an update... too busy skiing, boozing, and well... uh...other misadventures that I always seem to get myself into while in the mountains.

Let's see... where to start...

Boy with a broken neck told he is madly in love with me. And he told me the cutest thing ever: "F, it's more than love... lemme explain... you know when you're out sledding all day as a kid, and you come home and you're tired, wet, and cold, and your mom gives you a cup of hot chocolate? THAT's what you make me feel like." What could I say to that? We talked all night long.. and I went home with someone else that night. Oops. All I have to say to my horrid behavior is... well, why do I keep on hooking up with Bartender when it's SO BAD? I have lots of theories, but the easiest thing right now to write is that I love taming the bad boy in him. Fun.

What else? Some of my buddies are building a fire truck (long story here). but anyways, they got it stuck going up Greene Peak. The snow was 8 feet deep and they couldn't get it out. They had to go up and get it while the snow was frozen, if not it wouldn't pull out through the slush. So, 8 people and 3 dogs piled into two jeeps armed with 28 thousand pounds of pulling capability between the two wenches on the jeeps at 2 in the morning, after we had been drinking since 10. We head up the mountain and some dumbass texans were stuck in the snow. theyw ere in 2-wheel drive. we pop them out of the snow. go further and further up the mountain and there was another two-wheel drive pickupstuck. We get them out of the snow. Then the tough job came. We had to wench our fire truck out. Anyways, won't bore you with the details, but we finally got it out. i helped wench, push, pull & dig snow. I was pretty proud and all the guys thanked me for my help. i had a blast! got home @ 6 am.

what else? mmm... lots of free booze. lots of skiing in short sleeves-- it's so hot, i have an awful farmer's tan! oh yeah, then last night i hooked up with Red Headed Boy. Mmmm... I haven't slept more than 3 hours a night since i've gotten here. We pulled two all-nighters two nights in row. Lots of booze, cigarettes, and hottubs helped.

Dont know what else to say now... oh, funny quote:
Bar owner, talking to 2 chicks, "You two are cut off. Out of the bar."
My buddy Juanito, chugging his beer, "That's my cue!"

Also, the night bartender & I hooked up, I had a talk with him. Before we ever hooked up this summer, we used to hang out. all was good. Post-hook up, he started acting like an asshole. so when i went back to his house, i told him that if he was going to be an asshole to me that to me it wasn't worth hooking up with him at all. he said he hadn't realized it, and from them on, he's been super-nice. haven't paid for a drink since i got here. oh, the joy of walking around buzzing all day.

been skiing pretty hard-core, too. with the local boys. they really push me. i fell face-first the other day, my first fall in a long time, and the snow now is so sharp, i cut my whole hand and arm. oops. i drank to make the pain go away. also, there was a race in town the other day. locals "bought" a racer, and if their racer won, they got money. the auction was to raise money for the kids' racing team in town. a couple of us pooled our money and had 60$ put together to buy my buddy RP, but we were outbid. the funny part is that he raced in a red, flowery SKIRT and my tight, white tank top. When it came time to announce the winners that night, it was funny. "Best female time, RP, come and get your award!" haha.

i'll quit boring everyone with my mountain stories. time to go drink anyways!

Monday, March 15, 2004

I LOVE Ireland, and I ain't talkin' 'bout the country

Talking to Ireland on IM. Background: a boy from Friendster messaged her today, and another cute boy is emailing her. So many boys all at once!

Me: Ireland, when it rains it pours!
Ireland: How is it pourin' everywhere and i am still looking around trying to toss out my virginity like old bathwater

God, Ireland cracks me up. Kinda like the time some guy didn't return her phone call (or some simular scenario) and she busts out with, "Who cares?! He ain't the STAR of my SHOW!"

More IM conversation, 11:35 pm.

Me: what is UP with these guys lately??
Ireland: you just need a fresh crop
Ireland: these fields are plundered
Ireland: hehehe youre scarlett ohara in the field
Ireland: "i shall never be hungry again!"
Ireland: i knew that girl wasnt talkin about no radish

Come back to Austin, Ireland!

Sunday, March 14, 2004


Both these voice mails are from Mustang Boy. First on from Friday, second one from Saturday. They cracked me up, so I had to transcribe them here:

"F you sexy, SEXY bitch. Ooooohhhhhh. I wanna do dirty things to you & your friends. My friends and your friends.... hey, formula! That's what I'm talking about. Call me back. Seriously. We're fucked up. We're gonna go eat. we're partying. the party's in my mouth. everybody's coming. i'd love for you to make it, to come... in my mouth. call me"

"F, your dirty answering machine sucks dirty red-headed balls. god i wanna be in your mouth right now. this is M, & R, & R. fuck it, we're all here! 4's a party. contrary to popular belief 3 is NOT a crowd, 4 is a party, biii-atch! can you take 4 alone? can you take 4 alone?!?!? [radio gets loud] okay, okay, i'm kidding, i'm so drunk. honestly, i wanna fill your girl up like a dirty a crazy little turtle. i wanna fill your girl J up like a turtle. i wanna deposit MASSIVE semen! i'm just kidding. i thought we were gonna fuck tonight-- me, you & M. what's the deal? you pussed out. and you talked your girl into leaving. you ALWAYS do this. so next time you call me and say 'i've got some hoes and you wanna party and shit', it's CRAP. i don't believe you. next time i want $100 deposit. cause now me & M are gonna jerk each other off... to a pool game, that we're both gonna loose cause R's da shit. jesus, where am i going with this? come over, it's an orgy and bring your friend J. her black friend was kinda cool, but my dick is SO much bigger. i'll fill all your fucking trash cans up. call me"


Last night J was still in town, so we headed DT with Red. Good drinks (free drinks). Albanian smoker boys in black, and cute Bartender Boy @ Acquarium givin' me free drinks. Rugby Boy C shows up. We hang out, we go somewhere else. Dance, chat, drink.

Head home. Drop Red off. On the way back to my place we see a cone. I couldn't resist. BW is being so cold now, I'd thought I might as well annoy him more, just cause I can. So we get the cone and drop it off on his porch. J & I laughed, at least. Doubt he will.

My phone rings @ 2:30ish. Booty call from Rugby Boy C. J goes to sleep & I head over to C's house, beers in tow. He lives 5 blocks away. I find his apt, park my car, hand him the beers, lock my car & start walking to his apt. Then I realized I didn't have my car keys. Shit! I had locked them inside the car. Just my luck.

I call the lock people, "Uh... hi, I locked my keys in my car. Can y'all send someone out. [then, under my breath,] I am so retarded."
Lock guy, "Ma'am. You are NOT retarded. Don't say that."
Me, "Okay, I'm stupid."
Lock Dude, "Ma'am, you're not stupid. You made a mistake, everyone makes mistakes."
I just roll my eyes (they stop rolling when I find out that it's gonna cost me 25$ to have my car unlocked).

Thank god I didn't lock the beers in the car. I start drinking. A bum walks up, "Hey, can I have a beer."
Me, "Sure thing. Hey can you unlock my car?"
Bum, "I'm not a car theif!"
Me, "I didn't say you were a car theif. But do you have any friends that ARE car theives?"
Bum, "Uhhh, I can make some calls."
I bust out laughing.

Finally get the car unlocked, we head to C's apt to "watch a movie." The Big Lebowski was on for exactly 3 minutes before the make out session started, 2 minutes later we were naked in bed. Can't even tell you how gorgeous C is. 205 pounds of pure muscle. Mmmmmmmmmm. We played for hours, till dawn, till he fell asleep and I snuck out to go back to my own place.

I think I'll keep this one around for a while cause he gets five stars and two thumbs up. Definately worth the 25 bucks it cost to unlock my car.


Saturday, March 13, 2004

Illegal Activities

Last night, my girlfriend J came in town last night. We started drinking at home and hopped in a cab already tipsy. Bar hopping, as usual, we met up with Mustang Boy and his crew, and J knew some people in town. J was flirty with one of her boys, and I started get flirty with one of Mustang's friends. Don't know how it happened but he & I started making out. After the makeout session (where I managed to spill my Vodka 7 all over us-- yeah, the kiss was that good) I found out that he was... drumroll...NINETEEN!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!! More makeout sessions followed (and J had a couple of her own to), and I vaguely recall kissing Mustang Boy & Ex-Spill boy. Mmm... And I remember Mustang announcing to the world, that I had "the best rack ever." Thanks. We hung out at Spill after it closed, till 3 or so, and stumbled into a cab to come home. Not too much damage done.

Today, made some rounds, said hi to people I havne't seen in a while. Managed to catch BW at home, so I went by to say hi, and I finally got to meet his roommate (it was the roommate's bed we all crashed in when we were locked out of my apt) and drumroll here too.... the roommate was totally CUTE!!! yum!

Nap time!

Friday, March 12, 2004

Phone calls

Last night, after a quiet beer with the ladies at Crown & Anchor (conversations about bidets flowed with the beer) I headed to bed. I was thrilled to be going to bed before 2 am. But lo and behold the one night I wasn't out partying I got three booty calls.

Call #1- Random rugby boy. When he found out I wasn't downtown, he was disappointed. 2:20 am

Call #2- Friend in Colorado. Am I am going up there on Sunday. Nope. 2:40 am

Call #3- I was mid-dream so I didn't hear my phone ring. Mustang Boy. I checked my voice mail, "F, you sexy, SEXY bitch!! I wanna do dirty things to you. Call me. We're fucked up. We're partying... The party is in my mouth. I'd love for you to come... in my mouth. Call me." 3:30 am

Haha!!! That last voice mail cracked me UP!
Haven't hung out with Mustang in a while...

Then, this morning, at 9:01 am. Friend from College Station. "F, did I wake you up?" 3 seconds later, it took me a while to focus, "Nah, naaaah, I was ... uh.. I was awake." "So, watcha doin' tonight?" [In my mind: I FU***** 9 AM on Friday, like I know what's going on!!]. "Dunno, why?" "Well, what if I came to Austin to play?" "Sure, call me later," and I hung up on her (oops) and slept two more hours.

Joy oh joy.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Why Can't I get BOOZE?

Today, Red & I had planned for happy hour at The Ditch @ 5, dolla' margaritas. yum!I picked her at at 5 till 5, and it took us HALF and hour to get from 24th street to 6th street. damn austin traffic. we finally reach The Ditch only to find the parking lot FULL and no where to park. the place is so full people are spilling out of, already drunk on MY 'rita. damn them. damn them ALL.

so we went to Saba's. mmmmm... Mango mojitos saved my day.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

The hockey boyz again...

I put a small post up about our wild Sunday Night with the Hockey Boys. Farouche/France did a better job on her blog, so I am stealing some of her material.

Sunday night: Our plan was to chill downtown at the Blind Pig..listen to some karaoke and drink a couple of beers...totally chill. Well there was no karaoke but a cover band who played some good songs (I love Roxanne...maybe its the harlot in me.). The only cute guys in the place were sitting right behind us in the booth. I was telling F how I thought one of them was kinda cute and kept on glacing over to them. Funny thing is that as time went by...more and more of them kept showing up and hanging out at the table. F got up to get us another drink and I caught the eye of one of the boys and started a very superficial conversation.. (ex:
Me: Hey
Guy: Hey
Me: Nice music to chill to
Guy: Yeah its pretty cool
Me: I've never been here before on a Sunday
Guy: Oh yeah? Well this is my second time to come here
Me: Cool
Guy: Yeah.

And it goes on for another minute or two in that same way. Meanwhile F meets other cute guys in the group and strikes up a convo with them. She lures them over to our table with her feminine arts and now our table is no longer a guyless group. We chat and drink with the guys a bit and find out that majority of them are from Canada. I talked for a bit with a frenchie from Montreal (gorgeous accent!). We also found out that we've just met a huge bulk of the players for the IceBats. (Yea! US!) This includes the very limber and jaw dropping goalie. It was fun. One cutie kept on telling me how cute I was...very flattering. We gave our numbers out (just in case). At 2am they invited us over to their place but we decided it was good time to end the great evening. F decides it would be funny to go and bother BW and so we head over there. He and his roommie sleep through our raid...we grab condoms and candy and jet. As I'm heading over to drop F boys call me and we decide that ehh what the hell? We head way down south drink a couple of beers with them and then jet. The guys were total gentlemen and didn't make any grossly forward moves.... Well actually the guy I initially started talking to started getting a little touchy feely at the end but that was cool with me. We head home and get into bed at 5am with plans to meet up with the guys Monday night.

Thanks for the recap Farouche/France!

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Happy Birthday to ME!!

'Member how I said I was going to go shopping at the Co-op with my dad's card? Well, I had a better idea. Who--hoooooo!! I told my dad that I got some books off Amazon for school and instead bought a bunch of books that I had been waiting for a while to get. So excited. Happy birthday to me!

I hate teenagers

Yesterday, I had an arm full of wine at the grocery store. I swiped my card to pay, the dude ID-ed me. I'm cool with that. But then, this snot-nosed, pimply-faced TEENAGER told me he couldn't sell me alcohol because my ID is bent!! "TBAC rules." Well, FU** TBAC and give my damn wine!! I called the manager, who, of course, let me spend my 40$ in peace.

Stupid teenagers trying to act all grown-up.

Kiss my ass.

Monday, March 08, 2004

Hotel war

Kathleen started a "cool hotel" war. So, check out these awesome hotels in Africa I stayed in this summer: Amboseli, Kenya, The Masai Mara (where Out of Africa was filmed), Serengeti, Tanzania, and Ngorongoro, Tanzania.

Hockey Boys

France & went out last night to have a quiet beer at a pub and we ended up getting to bed at 5 am after hanging out with Austin Ice Batts team all night long. Good times. I've got a bit of a headache (when France came by to get me at 10:30, I was already just a wee bit tipsy) and we drank beer after beer after beer.

Mmmmm... Hockey Boys....

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Favorite drink

For the past year or so, I've been drinking Lunchboxes (real name is Wiscon Lunchbox, I've found).Here is the how-to. Also a very good breakfast drink because it contains orange juice. This website tells you to shoot it, but I don't.

Try one!


My most heart-felt congratulations (aka, snaps & sparkles) to Joe Fradella, long time friend of mine, who has managed to put up with me for five years now, for making the USA Rugby 7's team. In two weeks, he'll be flying off to Hong Kong & Singapore. [Notice the envy in my voice]. We'll be following every step, Joe. Good luck!


My thesis presentation went GREAT! The prof-- a man that I heard about & almost revered for so long-- told me wonderful things about my presentation and work. He even asked me to drop him a copy of the final product in May.

Slept three hours last night. I should have stayed home, but France *twisted* my arm into going out last night. Nap time...

I'll leave you a quote from my thesis, by the late Bruce Chatwin: "Travel doesn't merely broaden the mind. It makes the mind."

Quote & other details

Lemme set the scene. There is Random Bartender that i have the hots for. I was discussing with France how I should approach the subject with him:

Me: "I wanna hook up with him!"
France: "You need to let him know you wanna HOOK UP!"
Me: "Well... what do I say?"
France: "I WANNA HOOK UP!"

Ah, the advice from friends is priceless...

Also, forgot to mention another funny fact from last night... As we were walking along to a bar, we ran into a guy that had peculiar pants on: the butt was cut out of them! It was his bachelor party, and lots of girls were signing his ass, so of course I had too, too! (plus everyone knows me and ass fetishes, why I had my own butt signed a few weeks ago!!)

I smell T-R-O-U-B-L-E

Two things tonight:

1st, and not most important-- I am tired of always leaving voice mails and never getting a call back; I am tired of ONLY & always hanging out during "drinking time," what ever happened to "sober time" with friends? What ever happened to dinner? Or a movie? Dammit, I am tired of the 3 or 4 am phone calls. I guess I have finally grown up...

2nd-- I saw rugby boy tonight. Many of you have heard about him for quite some time (right, Kansas City?)... Well I have had the hots for him since freshman year, but he had a girl friend whom I adored. We were all friends and hung out, so I never enticed him to cheat on her. I respected her too much. Even when they were on again, off again, I stayed away. Last spring, he bought a house. She moved in. This past December- January, they broke it off. She moved out. Permanently. He told me it was over. Period. Over. I've always felt close to rugby boy, maybe because when I was 18 he defended me against a couple of rugby guys who didn't like me, but for whatever the reason, I've always felt like I could trust him. I've told him about all my boys, conquests, & troubles. He laughed and we flirted. And it ended there.

After he and the girlfriend broke up and she moved out, he told me to come to his rugby game, after which, we would talk. I was chillin', watchin' the game, when I saw Her. The girlfriend. Dammit. She was still in his life. After the game was over, I went and said hi to boy and to girlfriend, and took off. Haven't seen him since. Usually, I call him to hang out or whatever. Haven't talked to him since mid-January. I've just been been busy and haven't though to call him...

I saw him tonight downtown. Big smiles, and even bigger hugs.
"F, I thought you were mad at me!!"
"Why would you think THAT??"
"Well... at that rugby game, when Girlfriend showed up-- well, I swear I wasn't lying to you. We were over. I guess she shows up to check on me, to make sure I'm not with another girl. She still does."
"I'm not mad, I've just been busy..."
"But you haven't called... I just thought... well, I thought you were mad..."

So tonight we hung out. I was thrilled. For a while, I forgot I was with France & Curls. Oops. I ran back to them. They had figured out I had run into a boy. They sure know me...

When we left the bar, I called him (okay, okay, it was booty call). He said he had to drive people home, but that we would have to hang out some time when we didn't have to drive all our friends home. He emphasized "hang out"... yeah right.

It's hard to explain why I am attracted to Him. He's not attractive per se-- I guess it's that animal quality about him-- he'd fight anyone for any reason, and kick thier ass with his hands tied behind his back. But in private, he blushes, and he's sweet.

(Oh, and Thailand, this is the boy you kissed on NYE!!!-- he said that you are veeery naughty indeed! When I told him you weren't the "one night stand kinda girl", he said, "they never are, they just like playing at it!")

He said he'd come out tomorrow night... we'll see... I have my fingers crossed...

Saturday, March 06, 2004

One More Food Post

Writing about sushi made me think of yesterday's lunch. My law firm took me out to lunch to Shoreline Grill (yum!) for my birthday lunch-- a bit belated, but better late, than never.

I ate salad, entre, and a dessert, complete with two glasses of wine.

I love being wined & dined. I would have put out for a meal like that, too. Oh, well... no one to put out for...


I forgot to post about our sushi dinner on Thursday night.

The five babes of Austin met up at Kyoto for a wonderful meal. We ate lots and chatted even more. The beauty of the meal consited not only of the scrumptios food, but also the lively conversation. For once, we picked a quiet restaurant, inducive to talking. And the waiters kept brining water around way after the meal was over. It was nice sitting and talking with the girls without anyone rushing off to something.

Hopefully, we'll plan again...

Friday, March 05, 2004

A Phone Call

Just minutes ago, my phone rang. In mind, "WHAT THE F***?!?! Waaay too early for a phone call, it's 9:30!". It turned out to be one of my buddies in Red River, New Mexico calling to see when I was comin' back up there. This is one of the guy that got into a bad wreck and broke his neck, and he went skiing yesterday so he wanted to know when I'd go skiing with him again.

Made my day & put a smile on my face!

Size DOES matter

I just called my friend N. When I called, she sounded like she was in tears.

Me: "N, what's WRONG?"
N: "Well, my guy friend & I just hooked up & he had the SMALLEST penis EVER!"
M: "Yeah, I hear ya."

And boy, do I ever. N, good luck with that one...

Thursday, March 04, 2004


I am getting so tired of chasing after friends. I guess the word "friend" means different things to different people. But I am annoyed by the fact that I have been calling people over and over and over to do stuff and they are ALWAYS busy! Arg! And their excuses aren't really excuses, cause they're probably real. It just gets tiring NEVER hearing a "yes," or even getting a rain check, "I am busy all this week, but what bout next Monday."

I am just tired of people who don't make time for their friends. Or am I a friend? Makes me wonder...

Big Toe

Last night I broke my big toe. Or so I thought. I've been limping around all day, and finally sucked it up and went to kickboxing where my instructor poked it (damn him) only to exclaim, "Nah, it's not broken. But it's probably fractured." Grrr. And i worked out anyways. I'll leave pain for the wimps.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004


I need a list like this, too. Maybe about what not do in a bar... But this site made my laugh outloud...

My home

I loved this introductoin to the book "As the Romans Do." Great book and I thought I'd post this intro here for all to read. If it catches me in a sappy moment, this brings a tear to my eye...

"Imagine being three thousand years old. Suppose by some mysterious process you had managed to avoid the limitations of mortality, and year after year you keep going, adding more and more experiences to your life story until you have no choice but to repeat them because you have exhausted all possibilities.

You are the very essence of what it means to be human. You have had more than your share of victories and defeats, triumphs and tragedies, moments of glory and those of abjection, times when you wish you had never been born, and times when you want to go on forever. You have loved and lost, have abandoned and been left behind, been rich and poor, skinny and fat, lived high on the hog and been forced to scramble for a few morsels of stale bread. You have seen it all, done it all, regretted it all, and then gone back and done it all again.

You are la citta' eterna, Rome, the Eternal City.

To live in Rome is to have the capacity to endure everything life has to offer -- moments of timeless beauty followed by torrents of ugliness, the bella and the brutta mixed together in a bowl of hot minestrone that has left nothing out, that encourages you to live life from a completely different perspective. There is no more mature place on earth, and that maturity has something to teach you. Other cities may be older, but Rome still lives its past. Walk anywhere in the city or the areas surrounding it, and within minutes you are confronted with the remains of something that could be up to twenty-five hundred years old, that functioned and was vital to the daily life of the romani....

This is Rome and the Romans who live in it, a city and a people of contrasts and effusion, a place that has lived so many different lives, in so many different epochs, that all it wants to do now is exist in eternity according to the wisdom of what it has learned. The lessons are obvious. Life is to be lived passionately, excessively, publicly -- in bars, restaurants, streets and piazzas -- applying charm and style mixed with a healthy respect for tradition. Romans have big appetites, for theatrical experiences as well as exquisite food."

Tuesday nights ROCK

As I sit at my lap top at 3 am & listen to my neighbors have sex with thier windows open (that is not disgust you hear in my voice, but envy-- lots of it) I have decided to write a few lines about tonight.

so, dinner at Chang's with France & Teacher-- some person's birthday. We don't even like her so we decided to skip out and go to C&A for dolla' beers. At C&A.. damn, she is LOUD... sorrrrry.... so, anyways, at C&A, ran into Rugby guys. They were all going downtown for some guy's birthday. Red, France, & Teacher had to work, so they passed. But Curls & I jumped on it. We headed DT with a dozen guys. And just us. The only two girls...

... still there... louder than ever...

downtown: drank too much, danced too much, and had a great time. the birthday boy--his 21st-- puked and rallied all night long. We were all proud. I finally gave my number to Bartender at Acquarium, and gave him a smooch on the way out (in exchange he gave me two free coupons for drinks).

Went with rugby guys back to WCampus (Curls had a thing goin' on with the Aussie) & hung out. I am now home, pervertedly listening to my neighbors having sex... damn, i am deprived! I put my shooting headphones on and I can still hear them. What to do?

Random thought:
In the recap of last weekend, I forgot to mention that at some point (I think Thurs night for Teacher's birthday) we all felt each other up. There were four of us gals out that night, me, Red, Teacher, & France, and for some reason we decided that feeling each others' breasts would be a good thing. I guess it was...

well, the sex next door is now over-- maybe I can get some sleep now!

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

The Addiction Continues

This afternoon I went to the Hobby Lobby to buy a set of size 9 knitting needles. I left with 11 pair instead. OOps. They were having a half off sale, so I only spent $12, so it wasn't so bad.

I have started my third scarf. It's red, and it's ribbed- for my pleasure.

On a good note

Today, prior to my test, my prof came up to me and asked me how I knew so much about the things he covered in his lectures. I explained about my mom & my background in art history, etc, and that being in school for 5 years has helped me cover basically all that there is to learn within the framework of spn civ and history. He was impressed, shook my hand and said he was glad to have me in class. I am a pleasure, he said. (NB- this is the class where I sit up front a & knit-- I take notes and answer questions, but I knit-- under his very nose).

Aaahh, joy oh joy.

Also, I know I am too smart for my own good when I ace a test without owning the book, going to class often, & when I do go to class, I knit, or fall asleep. I love my method of studying.

Speaking of skipping class... that's where I should be now... but it's raining... and I took a long test this morning...

late at night

late at night, with nothing to do... made a booty call earlier, but dont think that the second party quite understood that it was a booty call.
sigh. oh well.

long phone calls with friends are always good. good advice and good friends. always by your side.

time to start my third scarf. finished my second one this afternoon (ps- they are all very different!)

Monday, March 01, 2004

what to do?

I'm bored.

In the past couple of hours I have:

Written a paper
Studied for a test
Answered dozens of emails
Updated various blogs
Cooked dinner
Ate more snacks
Called people to warn about Spain's tonsillitis
Called people to chat
Made dinner plans for Wednesday
Made drinking plans for tomorrow

Now what?...

Weekend Update


After work, went to Hill Country Weavers and dropped 40$ on yarn. Yes, on yarn! Can you believe it??

I spent the evening with France, and taught her to knit... I am causing more and more people to become addicted. So proud of myself. Since it was Teacher's birthday, we spent the evening with her watching a movie (and I knitted).


I finished my first scarf. Super thick, and super soft. I love it!
Piddled around on Saturday till I had dinner with Spain when she got into town. Lovely romantic dinner at Romeo's. Odered a pitcher of sangria that was awful, so I told them to take it back (and they did).

Spain, Mexico, France & I went out to 4th street. Fado had some people there and we were in a chill kinda mood. Irish Boy/aka Nipples, wasn't there, but that's a good thing, I think, because I didn't want to see his pierced beauty for a fourth time.

After drinking, back to France's house, where we knitted for another 45 minutes. What a habit.

Right as I was falling asleep, my phone rang. 3:17 am. Dammit! Mr. X, formerly knows as Homer and as Manger. He was drunk and wanted to hang so I told him to come over. The bastard had seen us drive by the Fox & Hound and he didn't even think to call and have us meet up. He finally confessed he was with hanging out with friends-- aka, some cute girl he likes. Poor X. After hours of working on her, and postpartying with her, when she asked him to walk her to her car, she wouldn't even let X kiss her. Hehe.

Mr. X kept me up till dawn. meh.


Spain & I had brunch scheduled so we got our asses in gear & went to the Four Season to see how much champagne we could drink and food we could eat. Turns out we drank a lot bubbly, but passed on much of the food.

Yarn shopping for two, with full stomachs of champagne, not a good idea. I dropped another 50$, and Spain more than me. While picking out yarns, I chatted with a 7 year old girl. "How long have you been knitting?" "Three years". I was impressed. She started as a four year old?! I have a lot of catching up to do!

That evening, went to a great Oscar Party. More chamagne, and lotsssss of margaritas. In our gift bags: tiaras, beads, feathered pens.

I always seem to be in trouble...

Received an email from Spanish prof on Sunday:

F: Some students have brought to my attention that you are being a disruptive influence by a constant chattering in the back. I must admit that I have noticed it myself and my impression from students that do this is either do not take the class seriously or show little respect for the lecture or lecturer. I do not want to embarass youpublicly so please refrain from it in the future. I have checked your grades and have seen a slide from A to a lower B. I would like to think that you can be a positive influence by contributing to the class. I will recognize you when you raise your hand. See you in class.

Te he he.

Ooops ;)


so much from this weekend, will try to post this afternoon...

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