Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Quanto sei bella Roma...

In Rome... What a city... Now that I'm here, I realize how much I really miss it.

Yesterday, at work, my boss told me he forgot the strong pills to make me sleep at the plane. He told me, instead, to take half of a random pill, two vodka's at the airport and two glasses of red wine on the plane with my meal... After the pill and the vodka's... didn't make it to the red wine. I passed out and slept the whole plane ride. It was great.

Monday, September 27, 2004


Vader Grrrl makes me want to get a tattoo.

Weekend in DC

This weekend with Keg, Red, and LilP went by in a blur. Took the Chinatown bus down to our nation's capitol. I was impressed with the service.

Friday night, we all met up at Local 16-- a bar that I really liked. We drank quite a bit, and a mixture of things, which I usually don't do-- most of the time, I just put an IV of vodka-7's into my blood & leave it at that... but Fri night... whoa! RedBull-Vodka, French Martini's, Beer... you name it, we had it. Keg & LilP had an interesting night after Red & left. If you know Keg and wanna know more about her wild ways, read here.

On the way home from the bar, Hey Red, I smell pot.
Red, Me too.
Me, Where is it coming from? As I sniff the air...
A guy in front of us, turns around, hands us his joint. I can't believe we toked it up from a stranger on the street.

Saturday, while Red worked all day, Keg, LilP, & shopped and ate our weight in Ben & Jerry's ice cream. I bought lots of fun stuff, including a map of TX from 1899 for my dad and stupid watercolor painting that I spent waaaaay too much money on. Read here for more details.

I have to get work done. Going to Italy tomorrow. I still haven't unpacked from DC. Dammit. I need a valet.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Strawberry Deee-light

Today I look like shit. Unlike most women, I do not usually disparage my appearance; however, I am observant & truthful. Keg's been here all week, so I'm tired. Last night I got no sleep and this morning I rolled out of bed and ran to work. No make up. Jeans and a tshirt with stains on them.

I was stopped by a man on the street, Honey, what's your name.
I said nothing. I was too tired to talk.
Fine, if you won't tell me, I'll just call you Strawberry Deee-light.

That is gonna stick. My new nickname (and porn-star name) is Strawberry Deee-light.

Then, on the way to the bank. The doorman next door stopped me and wanted to know if I was from his country. And well, since Italy is neighbor's with his country, Croatia, we should have coffee sometime.

I have concluded that when I look like shit I am more approachable. But guys get turned down with equal vigor from me whether I'm dolled up or not. So there.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Tacit Compliance

I have nothing to add to Keg's description of what we did.

Well, except for the fact that I LOVE skipping work for hours on end to shop, eat, drink, knit, get pedicures... why be at work when you foward the calls to your cell and tell clients that "you're at the bank" when you're really guzzling a pitcher of Sangria?

Wednesday, September 22, 2004


No blogging this week for me. Between skipping out of work to go shopping at H&M, long lunches and walks in the park with Kathleen, I have no time to blog. So you if you want to know what is going on with me, read Kathleen's blog.

Going to DC on Friday.

Rome next Tuesday.


Oh, and congrats to 'London' who just herself married!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Hanging with Coolio

Friday night my girlfriends dragged me to Williamsburg. For those of you that aren't from nyc, that's in Brooklyn. I don't like crossing the waters. I've been here three months, and I've already become an islander. We chilled a cool loft party, looking at Manhattan in awe from the roof... then I got bored. There were 6 guys that were talking about driving back into the City. I honed in and flirted with him. "Hey guys, if you're going back to the City, lemme know, I'd love to come along" (aka, get me out of Brooklyn, please! and if you drive I don't have to take the fucking L train at 2 o'clock in the morning). The boys came and told me they didn't have room for four girls in their car, so I put on a pouty face and asked if they were taking back their invite. (They had already forgotten that I invited myself). "No, no, of course not. We're not talking it back..."

... and that's how I got dudes to pay for my $25 cab ride back to the City.


Saturday night I hung out with my roommate, I'll call him Domenico. He's the roommate that has tons of friends who are club promoters. So we're always on every list. We went to a cool party at the Cellar where I found out that this particular club promoter had Coolio braids. Too damn funny.

Don't have time to write about anything else because Keg is in town. Yay!

Friday, September 17, 2004

Being Asked Out

This week, a patient asked me out. We were chatting as follows,

Me, making small talk, So'd you have a good weekend?
Him, Yeah. I took a girl to the ___ Hotel. On the roof. (I forgot the name, some swanky place).
Me, Cool. I haven't been there yet.
Him, I could take you sometime.
Me, Uhhhhh... We aren't allowed to date patients. (Lie, LIE)
Him, Why?
Me, Because I have access to all the charts and your medical records.
Him, very upset, You have access to my chart?
Me, with a grin, Of course.
Him, Well that's ok. We can still go out.
Me, grinding my teeth, No we can't. Dr. ___ doesn't allow it.
Him, I wouldn't tell.
Me, Well, I would.
... silence... he still stands around... while I think, why isn't my fucking phone ringing?! My phone is ALWAYS ringing. Why is no one calling NOW, dammit! Finally... my cell rings. Yay. It's Harley from Amarillo, Texas, whom I haven't spoken to in six months. What a day for a comeback.

... and just so that we're on the same page: if the dude had been hot, I would have gone out with him.

Thursday, September 16, 2004


Out at Taco Bell-- lunch with the guy friends. I am cool with my badass sunglasses (and you'd be cool, too, if you were out with Farouche & I on 6th last week sporting said badass sunglasses).

Eating my burrito... wearing my shades.... being a smartass with the boys... what's new? Until one of them says, F, you shouldn't wear those glasses.

I immediatetly take offense, What you do you don't like my glasses. Well tough!

Boy, No. Not what I was saying at all.

Me, very confused, Huh?

Other Boy, F, I think he's saying you have pretty eyes.

Me, Oh. And I *blushed.*

Monday, September 13, 2004

Sneak Preview

Am very busy at work today, so until I have time to blog about my wild weekend in Austin, I'll just give you a taste. The weekend consisted of: my PhD, corsets, Farouche being her sexy self, mojitos, sexy lace underwear that Farouche & I flashed to everyone downtown, hottubbing -- 8 guys & two girls, bikini tops coming off, hot naked male bodies, porn-star sunglasses, the king-size bed in my hotel room in Dallas, "I give out free oral sex" (spoken by a boy), Jersey Boy is back in the picture (learn more about him here and here), & I even managed to pee on my pant leg at a certain point.

More later.

If you want the full story, read this entry of Farouche's blog. I'll be too lazy to post much more.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Text Messages

Last night, Red (aka, Kate(r)) sent me a text, Is murder always wrong?

Me, I don't think so, why?

Red, Because I might have to kill [my roommate]... with a toothpick.

Then another text message, this time from Keg, Men are only good to meet at one place and it's not the alter...

Mmmm.... what place can she possibly mean with that comment?

Friday, September 03, 2004

Drooling on my futon

The nights you try to stay home and get some rest, are the nights you end up coming home drunk off your ass and you pass out on your futon because you can't climb the ladder into your loft-bed... oh, and you wake up because your whole face is wet thanks to your own drool.

Update: If anyone wants to know how bored I was yesterday, read this entry of Keg's blog. I am "Italy."

Thursday, September 02, 2004


I am so bored right now that I want to:

-- take my clothes and run around the office naked (done that already)

-- go through patient charts and see who is the craziest patient we have then call him and laugh at him

-- look at porn, ogle huge penises and be jealous that I'm not having sex right now (and hope Dr. doesn't walk out of office b/c the perverted man would want to look at the pics with me!)

-- poke my eye with a sharpened pencil (but none of the pencils are sharp b/c my intern left)

--start prank calling people like I did in fourth grade

-- book a flight to leave NYC tomorrow-- and go anywhere

-- IM people I don't even know (done that-- they don't IM back)

-- have cyber sex

-- be nice to people for a change



You know your psychiatric patients are crazy when they give you front row tickets to the US Open...

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Late nights

Late night jazz, movies, bars, pool, taking friends to a gay bar by accident... all things that keep me out well past 3am on any given week night... work at 8:30am is a BITCH!

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