Friday, October 29, 2004


Yesterday, got new a fax machine for the office and for some reason I couldn't install the software on my computer. Spent an hour trying, then finally called tech support. They spent another two hours on the phone with me to no avail... finally I asked the tech support dude if he'd hang up on me because of pure frustration. His reply was, "Ma'am, my job is to stay on the phone until you're completely satisfied."

Me, "Well then we'll be here all night... and it'll take more than a phone call!"

Tech dude, silence.

Me, "Hello? You there? What, no answer?"

Him, "This call is being recorded... so I better not answer."

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Random links

... because every once in a while you're so damn bored you have nothing better to do at work:

How to dance and then there is advanced dancing

How to impress a date & random dating advice (quote, "his pencil is not always sharp... and you know what i'm saying!!")

Life's lessons

Last, but not least, what to do when you're bored at the office. I will have to try some out.

Anyways, dozens and dozens more of these random links at this site. Enjoy.


I just got this month's edition of Ski Magazine, and just thinking about the upcoming ski season is giving me butterflies in my stomach. I can't WAIT to tear it up! I just have to start physical therapy for my knee. Hard core PT.

... I am chomping at the bit.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Amazon Women

Last night, after plying my boss with lots of booze, I got him to agree to let me go back to Rome in November (yay!). Then my coworker & I headed to a Stefano Spadoni party. Stefano walks around his parties followed by a woman carrying a big sign that reads, "Stefano Spadoni is here." And last night, the woman was Amazon. She looked well over 7 feet tall. Stefano barely reached her clavical.

Also, recently I have discovered the joys of Aaron Karo's website. He is so damn funny. Don't go his website unless you have hours to waste by reading his funny musings.

What is also funny is this dude who gives women pre-date advice. All I have to say about his site is "SEXICANYON!" (and that I was laughing so hard at one point I had tears welling up in my eyes).

Thursday, October 21, 2004

I am a fucking idiot

Enough said about that for now. Will eloborate about my being a fucking idiot more tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Phychiatric Institue

I am an employee of the New York State Psychiatric Institute... and today, walking around, I got lost. I was wearing my red cowboy boots, and I got lost.

It was scary.

Even with the red cowboy boots, it was scary.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Red Boots

I am wearing cowboy boots. Red cowboy boots. Ireland gave them to me a couple of months ago, and when I was in Austin I forgot them in Farouche's car. Farouche mailed them to me, and they got here last night. Today I am wearing them with glee.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Hair... Or Lack Thereof

For those of you that know me... well, you know my long hair. Probably only Thailand saw it short back in high school (and she may not even remember it)... but it's short again. Really short. So short I can't put it back into a ponytail. It doens't even touch my shoulders...

... but I look hot...

... and ready to put on some stilettos and go out for the hunt...

Monday, October 11, 2004

Guest Bloggers

I have taken it upon myself to be a guest blogger for Keg's blog.

The mystery of it all...

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Yesterday morning I got to work. A bit tired. A bit flu-ish. And definately depressed about being back in New York and not in Rome.

On my desk a week's worth of mail awated me. At the bottom, was a small package from Paris, my friend in San Francisco. I opened the package to find she had sent me a book called Ladies' Home Erotica. I love my friends. And that book was the pick me up I needed to get through the day.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Picture This:

Picture this: my sister is taking a bath, I needed to pee, so I go in the bathroom. We start chatting, I sit down on the floor. 45 minutes later, her boyfriend joins us in the bathroom, and sits on the floor with me. We are all in the bathroom, talking, laughing, my sister soaping her hair.

Picture this: me in a really cute outfit and swank stiletto heels. I sit astride my beloved motorino and the starter doesn't work. I get off of it, and try to kick start it with no luck. My motorino is dead. I call my mom, to see if she can come pick me. I try kicking it to start it again, with no luck... but this time, a cute boy sees my struggle and comes over and starts it for me. I gave him a kiss for his trouble.

Picture this: back in New York, the day I left, the Dr. I work for told me he forgot to pick up the sleeps meds so that I could sleep the night away on the flight. He gave me however, some other pills and told me to take only half, but at the airport to drink two vodkas. For once, I followed directions and drank the vodka, took half a pill, and stumbled to my flight. I could hardly stand up to wait in line to board. So I sat. I sat until everyone else had boarded. Then I got on the plane. I had the flight attendant help me find my seat, then I crashed. And slept the whole way. I didn't get up to go to the bathroom, I didn't eat, I didn't stretch, I didn't pass go, and I didn't collect 200$. Best flight ever.

Picture this: My last two days in Rome I got the flu. I had a slight fever, headache, the works. Two days out of five. Sucked.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Things I have missed about Rome over the years...

I have been gone from Rome, the place where I grew up, for over a year and a half... And not until now, that I have come back, that I fully realized what I missed. And since I like the order of lists, here I go.

Things I have forgotten about Rome:

...How much fun it is to zip around the city in my motorino, darting in & out of traffic, feeling the wind in my hair, and the way my skin smells after a half an hour ride (all the smog of Rome on my face-- but it's not a bad smell, just a distinct one).

...How sore I am after riding that damn motorino all day. Ouch!

...How hard it is to drive one after a few cocktails. Oops.

...The gallons of gelato I can consume and still come home and eat dinner (at 9pm, mind you) with my mom.

...How much fun it is to shop with my mom, who still buys me things (like a Matrix-length leather jacket-- and yes, I look cool in it).

...Hanging out with my little sister, who just gets cooler by the day-- short, punky hair, tattoos everywhere, piercings everywhere, cool clothes. I wanna be her. But at least I'm smarter... Check out her website here, she's hot.

...How gorgeous my guyfriends are, breathtakingly so. Yum!

I have shit to do... there is more on this list, but no time. I'm in Rome, so I have better things to do than blog.

Ciao People, and Kate, every gelato I've eaten is for you!

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