Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Random Things About Me

Some blog I read recently had a list of 20 random things about themselves. I thought I'd do that as well.

1. I talk to my father every day. When I am out of the country, I spend an inordinate amount of money on phone cards to call him.

2. I hate, hate, hate making beds. And doing dishes.

3. I once had a boyfriend that made my bed and did my dishes. Why did I ever dump him?

4. I love driving on motorinis. I love driving. Anything.

5. I would do anything for my friends. Even commit murder. And I mean that seriously.

6. You above-mentioned friends, you know who you are. And by the way, you're not getting Christmas gifts this year. We'll do drinks when I'm in town.

7. I don't like the cold but I love to ski.

8. I still sit in my dad's lap and make him scratch my back.

9. As a child, I would bite my nails and even that nasty-tasting shit they put on them wouldn't stop me from doing it. I was dedicated. Two years ago I quit biting them. New York has me so stressed out, I've started biting them again. Gross.

10. I hate the feel of manila paper on my skin. Just thinking about it makes me shudder.

11. Driving 2000 miles for a weekend ski trip is something I did 6 times in one ski-season alone.

12. I love other people's children, but I don't want any of my own. The thought of swelling up and of an episiotomy really gross me out.

13. I speak four languages and want to learn three more before I die.

14. I went to London for the weekend once with my dad just to see Phantom of the Opera, my dad's favorite.

15. For those of you that don't know me, I have four older brothers & two younger sisters. My older brothers have 5 kids amongst them.

16. I hate to peel oranges.

17. The secret service once gave me a poncho.

18. I once ate a whole pie. In one sitting.

19. Raisins gross me out. If I eat one by accident, I feel like vomiting.

20. I have a horrid temper. But I get over it quickly.

Monday, November 29, 2004


The best thing about Thanksgiving was having to hitch a ride since there were no cabs in all of Connecticut. God bless little 'ol ladies.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

You know you're a Texan when...

You know you're a Texan when your dad calls you and you have the following conversation:

Dad, "I'm in a pawn shop and they have a Coach purse for sale for $20"
Me, "Uh... thanks, Dad. But why are you in a pawn shop?"
Dad, "Well, it's next door to the gun shop, so I thought I'd stop in."
Me, "Dad, why were in a gun shop?"
Dad, "Just seeing if they had fixed my rifle yet... so I thought I'd go next door to the pawn shop to see what they had."

...everyone in my office was laughing at me by now, just from hearing my end of the conversation...

Monday, November 22, 2004

Three Scotsmen, One Soccer Game and Lots o' Beer

Went out Friday night for a coworker's birthday. The evening was pretty tame till she found her new lip gloss called, Lip Venom that tasted like cinnamon. When applied to the lips it make your whole mouth tingle and if you put too much on, it verged on slightly painful. We ladies, of course, had to apply the lip gloss and go around and kiss boys to see if the tingling sensation would transfer. It was a success.

After bar hopping a bit, we ended up at Soho 232 (or 323? who knows...) where I ran into a three Scotsmen in town for the week. One thing led to another (and when I saw all my friends leave the bar without me) I decided to take these boys for Falafels at 4am. Yum! The boys informed that there was a Scottish pub uptown that was showing their soccer team's game live on tv and that we had to go. So we hiked it uptown watched the game and drank beer till 10am. I left at bar (filled with Scottish boys, some even in kilts) at 10am drunk as hell... but the night was worth it. I got to kiss a Scottish boy all night.

Lots more details, but as I got to work three hours late this morning, no time to blog.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Paper or Not?

In an IM coversation with Farouche:

Me: Hey I'm buying office supplies [we both have a thing for office supplies] and I think I'm going to get a finger moistener.

Farouche: F, you know that's for paper, right?

Thursday, November 18, 2004


F will be homeless in ... 12 days.

Eek. Will be sleeping on couch in my office...which means, when I'm done from work, I go from my computer to the couch. That sucks. Anyone got an extra tv?

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Why I love my job

The joys of working for pychologists & psychiatrists:

1. You get to call your own meds in. Are you low on birth control pills? Want some Xanax? Just pick up the phone, call the pharmacy, or if now, write out your own prescription.

2. I get to talk about crazy people all day. And I get to call people "crazy." It's fun. Tons of gossip.

3. Crazy patients (see #2) can email my boss (the doctor) and tell them how wicked I am and the Dr. & I just crack open another bottle of wine and laugh about it. Damn crazy patients. (But I am wicked, *wink, wink*).

4. Our office is full of comfy couches which are great places to crash if you can't find your way home after a night of binge drinking, or if you need to take a nap to help cure a hangover during office hours.

5. Because I get to run around the New York State Psychiatric Institute and make fun of people.

6. Becuase after a hard-core night of partying I can come straight to the office in my club-grear and just throw on a lab coat.

There are also many reasons why I don't like this job and want to leave... but no need to reiterate those here since many of you already know them.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Shine like the Sun

My friend previously known as "Ireland," henceforth known as Shine Like the Sun, cracks me up:

Shine: a little nerdy guy that sits next to me in civ pro read your blog update over my shoulder - i think it almost gave him a heart attack

F: oops. i love shocking nerds

Shine: lol it's like your second job

Monday, November 15, 2004

"That is a pencil, not a cigar"

I left my apartment Friday at 11pm to go drinking with Spin, who is in town from DC, and didn't get home until Saturday at 7pm... wearing a tshirt that wasn't mine, with an umbrella that wasn't mine, with my crotch so wet I could have rung the water out of it, and with orange bits & pieces under my fingernails...

... lemme explain...

When I went out on Friday it was pouring rain. Not only that, it was fucking 30F degrees outside. So I trudged out to the bar with my pitiful broken umbrella (half the umbrella stays open while the other half folds down, making the umbrella useless). After quite of bit of drinking and bar hopping, we end up at the B Bar where I spy an abandoned umbrella. I slyly dropped mine on the floor next to it, and snagged the other umbrella. On my way out of the bar, I saw that there were huge acquariums filled with oranges and not water & fish. I had to take an orange, and it turned out that I wasn't the only one who did.

Spin's friends in the city are a bunch of Princeton grads who now live in a swank penthouse in midtown east. The pad is called 'PHD' (=Penthouse D). We returned to PHD to do more drinking. One of the roommates had a girl over (no one really figured out her name) but somehow we convinced her to venture out into the rain and the 30 degree weather to find pizza for us. Fucking brilliant. By 6am we were all passed out around the apartment and somehow we all were up early enough to go have brunch... all you can drink champagne & mimosas for 10$. "Hey we're going to drink unlimited champagne" "Mother of God"... another quote, "This 'all you can drink champagne' sounds like a challenge to me." I didn't feel like eating breakfast in my clubbing gear, so I told one of the guys that if he took his shirt off I would as well... well, he took his shirt off, I took that shirt, went to bathroom and, as promised took my shirt off and put his on. At the "all you can drink champagne brunch," we drank waaay too much champagne... and I managed to knock a big glass of ice water on myself, smack in the middle of my crotch. Walking home in the freezing cold with a wet crotch, stomach and legs was not pleasant...

... ah, the joys of spending an endless day at PHD. I'm just happy that our oranges only got smashed against the wall, and not thrown over the balcony like they were talking about doing...

Friday, November 12, 2004

Just give me the damn bottle

Last night went out with a co-worker for a couple of beers after a movie. When ordering my drink, I got "looks" and raised eyebrows because I asked for a Bud Light (everyone here in nyc drinks fancy shmancy drinks). The Irish bartender, with a condescending smirk on his face gets my Bud Light. He reaches for a pint glass, "Do you want it in a glass?" "No thanks, we Texan women drink our beer from the bottle." The smug bastard did, however, get a cloth and wipe the rim clean.Oh please.

You don't have to wipe the damn thing, the alcohol will kill all the germs!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

#15 of the world

Many of you who are still in the glorious state of Texas might already have this bit of news, but it's new for me. So I'm gonna share... UT Austin wins 15th place in world list of 200 best universities

Other than that... last night I hosted a happy hour for my coworkers in one of our spare offices... and since few people drank, I took it upon myself to get good 'n toasty... and to leave the office with a 1.5 liter bottle of champagne that I drank-- straight out of the bottle-- all the way home in the cab. And there is more alcohol left over, so you'll know what I'll be doing at work this afternoon (patients or not, I don't care!)

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Election day always excites me. I love the fact that I am (we are) making history. I remember the first time I went to a poll with my dad when I was kid-- we got all dressed up and went with him to vote for Ronald Reagan in 1988, and it's been my father who has always inspired me to vote and to care. Today, I was super-excited to vote in New York, the "capital" of democracy and all that, so I was extremely let-down to see the crappy condition of the actually booths and complete and utter confusion at the site. The masses of people didn't know what line to get into (divided by district). There was no sign, no person to help. Nothing. You had to stand in line, and after half an hour you were told you were in the wrong one, you had to go all the way to the back!

As my ususal, I took the reigns. I found some kind of supervisor, asked for a marker and some paper and proceeded to make signs... and answer dozens of questions. The people of New York were convinced that I worked there.

And after all that, they didn't even give out those nifty little I voted stickers.

Cheap bastards.

Monday, November 01, 2004


This weekend was a drunk-fest that had me ending up in New Jersey one night, and Queens and Long Island another night. Also, coming back from Jersey, I called a buddy, "Hey, I'm coming over." He was fine with that. We hung up. Two seconds later, my phone rings again. It's the same dude I just hung up with, "Ummm... I hope you don't mind that you'll be the only girl tonight. I have three guys here." My response, "You're kidding, right? That's a joke, right? You're trying to be funny, right?" And I hung up.

And the most exciting thing of all weekend was that I got evicted! YAY!! I'd been trying to find a way out of my lease, but thought that if I left on my own accord, the guy I am renting from wouldn't give my $3400 back that I paid him as a deposit. So I kept bothering him on purpose--he's OCD and with helpful hints from my psychologist boss, I finally got him to ask me to leave... and I get my money back! I am so excited to be leaving that place! So now, I like Kate(r) I am soon to be homeless.

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