Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Puerto Rico by the Numbers

3 - # of girls in my group that partied together
12 - # of nights in PR this trip
47 - # of total boys kissed
7 - # of times boys came to our hotel room past 4 am
12 - # of nights we stayed out past 4 am
6 - # of bottles of rum we (mostly I) drank in my hotel as preparty
5 - # of shirts stolen from boys
3 - # of nights slept out of our hotel
1 - # of Navy Seals we hung out with
1 - # of Isreali Commandos we hung out with
2 - # of days I tried surfing
3 - # most times I went to the pot dealer's house in one night
16- # of men above 55 who hit on us
2 - # of boys I kissed who were under 21 years old
5 - # of brothers we hung out with who all had mohawks
1 - # of boys who bought me conditioner, popcorn, ice cream and a toy piano
230923020- # of times contemplated getting a tattoo
0 - # of times actually *got* a tattoo (unless you count a fake stick-on)
23 - # of boys we routinely hung out with (all in different groups)
0 - # of names that I remember of the 23 boys we hung out with
23- # of nicknames I made out so I wouldn't have to remember their real names
0 - # of times I washed my swimsuit even though I wore it every day

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Hot Sex, Literally

Two nights ago I hooked up with a Fireman from Chicago. Details will be forthcoming, but I will leave you with this tidbit so you can snicker at me while you're at work: we did it in bunk beds, very high school style, with all our friends in the living room.... but it was hot, waay hotter than high school sex should ever be.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Out of Pocket

Sorry for not blogging, but it's hard to find time away from the beach and the boys long enough to go indoors to blog. I am currently (back) in Puerto Rico, busy getting high school girls drunks (friends of the family who is down here with me), making out with boys who are under the age of 21, getting surfing lessons, drinking (finished a whole bottle of Cap Morgan in 2 days, don't know where it went-- there must have been a hole in the bottle or something), and generally having a good time. I met 5 brothers (2 of which have self-made mohawks, your types Lindz) and have named them all Mike. So now, the whole town calls them "The Mikes." I love starting trends. I made out with a boy whom I insist on calling Miguel, even though his real name sounds nothing like Miguel, so we have made a truce and now I just call him "Chile," because that is where he is from. Chile is def the best kisser down here and we spent many hours practicing (that boy can win a contest, which scares me cause he is all of 20 years and 4 days old). While driving around his car, he started doing wheelies which caused me to fly out of my seat into his rearview mirror and broke it off (kids, if you're reading this, you should always, always wear a seat belt if only to let this happen to you). I just laughed. He didn't seem to upset since to start his car he has to insert a screwdriver and turn. Who needs keys anways?

Here is my schedule for the next few weeks:

Feb 19th- back to NYC
March 1st - San Deigo
March 4th-ish - San Francisco
March 8th - NYC
March 10th- drive back to TX

Then in March I will visit Keg & Thailand, Shasha, Lindz, Steph, and more.
Go skiing with Shasha and whomever else wants to come.

April 1st -- ROME, baby, ROME!

A few days later - Sri Lanka.

September - Mexico.

In between Sri Lanka and Mexico... anyone wanna travel??

Saturday, February 05, 2005

MeZack & F in ROME!

While reading MeZack's Blog, I discovered he was in Italy, so naturally I had to meet up with him.

Wednesday night, my sister and I met up with MeZack and kidnapped him. After shots, 76.3 drinks, and lots of Micheal Jackson music later, we boynapped MeZack, forced him to check out of his hotel and come stay at our house. The next morning we had to get to the Vatican Museums & the Sistine Chapel before noon, so we awoke, tired & hungover and hell, and went to the vatican. We walked through the whole Vatican Museums in less than 20 minutes, and when we finally got the Sistine Chapel we could hardly look up because we were too hung over and dizzy.

Poor MeZack also had to sit through the wedding DVD of one of my married friends. When I used to live in Rome, I dated a couple of the Pope's Swiss Guards, and if you don't know who they are, or what they do, you should look it up and at least look at their picture here. Anyway, the swiss got married two years ago, so not only did I have to meet the wife, I had to look at the wedding album and the wedding DVD. *Yawn* And what's worse was that the soundtrack was entirely composed by Celine Dion. MeZack and I were laughing at the damn video in English only to find out the damned Polish wife understands English. We really didn't care becuase it was all we could do to keep ourselves together without busting out laughing.

MeZack is back in London now and if we are ever in Texas at the same we have to meet and make fun of people together.


MeZack's Version of our Roman Redevous is much funnier, so please read it. Also, if you're very nice to him, he might send you the picture of me and my sister showing our boobs to the camera, and the one of him riding a saddle with no horse.

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