Sunday, November 27, 2005

I guess I lied

I guess I lied when I told everyone I'd be posting again. Oops. I need to get back into the habit of blogging... it's just hard when you do NOTHING but drink, stay out all night (two nights ago I actually made my mom coffee), and play with boys...

...oh and travel. Yay! Off to the Egypt today (the Red Sea bit, not the 'let's learn about history bit') so I can sit on my ass and drink all day.

Today, my day shall proceed as follows:
8:30 am wake up (check mark there, no matter how late I go to bed, I'm up before nine. Really sucks).
9 am, email my friends to make them jealous that they are working and studying and being cold in the middle of the winter while I am off the beach.
10 am, blog.
1pm, lunch date
4pm, pack
6pm, happy hour
8 pm, dinner
10 pm, drinks
10:45pm, call sister and beg her to take me to airport
11:30pm, check in
1 am, fly to Egypt

No sense in wasting good drinking time before we leave!!!

On the upscale, I have playing with 4 separate boys. And by 'playing' I mean I have been messing with them, flirting with them, making out with them, but not putting out. Not even a bit. I love these four boys. Two are Irish, one is American (from Boston), one is British. They all have cute accents, they all play soccer together (which means thay all have GREAT asses), and they all think that they will be the first to GET SOME from me... haha...

The one I probably WILL put out for is the one that owns a sushi restaurant in Rome. I have eaten there, and it's goood. Sushi costs 80US$ a meal here, so it would be wellll worth it. As Lindsey says, SHUSHI FOR SUSHI. How gross is that??

Aren't you all SO damn happy I am blogging again? You get to read this fun shit about my life!

My props go to Farouche, who just engaged!! I hear her ring is FAB!! (But the Boy proposed to her in a college bar, hehe. Farouche, I know it's where he first met, but... j/k, I have to make fun of SOMETHING, it is ME making the commentary after all).

Friday night I went to an amazing club called the Mucca Assassina (which means Killer Cow). Amazing gay club. It was Brazilian night, so they ladies in drag were out in throngs. They loved me. I got to dance on stage with them and one of them even gave me her feather headdress. How much of an honor is that? The line for this club is around the block, but I get to walk right in because I have a VIP pass (I know the boys that are on the Italian version of Queer Eye for a Straight Guy. The 'Italian Fab 5'. Too funny).

Allight, I am off to shower so that I can be cute for my 'sushi date'...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

On the Blog Again

I have neglected my blogging in the past couple of months because I have been crazy busy with work, making out with multiple boys on one night, dodging one of the boys' killer girlfriend (whom I did not know existed) because she wants to kill me, throwing parties (and trashing my mom's house in the process) and generally spending ALL my hard-earned money. I have been staying out till 7am (I have joined some underground pub in Rome that is membership only that has a list of bars that are open till morning... that is spelling trouble for me). I am planning a trip to Egypt and one to Tunisia...

I will keep up with the blogging now...

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