Saturday, December 31, 2005

My Neighbour

Yesterday afternoon, diving home from town (I'm in 'Dripwater, NM') I saw a bunch of cop cars and ambulences two houses down from mine. I found out last night that my neighbour had died and they had just found his body. What's worse, is that they think that he died in SEPTEMBER and no one found him until yesterday. And what's even worse than that, is that his dog was locked in the house and died of starvation!

Friday, December 30, 2005

Steamy Encounters

I am still in the mountains of New Mexico. Last night I had one of the steamiest encounters of my LIFE.

With a fireman.

He is sexy, sweet, nice, hot, and only has 4% body fat (!!!!!!!): he is a lean, mean, sex machine!!!!

And for this once, the details shall be private so I can think back upon them and smile to myself.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

You know you're in Texas when...

You know you're in Texas when you ask for a location, and the answer is, "turn right after the tractor store."

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Big Balls in Cowtown*

Just finished with a full-filled week with Sista Linds in Dallas, and she didn't even make me go to church even once. She did, however, get me into the ubertrendy Candle Room. If you haven't heard of it, you can't get it. Sista Linds took me with all her gorgeous (and smart) law school crowd, and we (they) managed to secure a table without the $1000 deposit. We drank and drank and had no tab. The place was so cool, I mangaged to stay away even through my haze of jetlaggedness. We drank so much that one of the girls puked on her flight the next morning. (Poor her).

Sista Linds and I watched movies (Family Stone- dont' see it; Jesus is Magic- so funny I almost peed my pants and hated myself for it; Brokeback Mountain- I am scarred by this one, Traumatic); Linds baked cookies; I wouldn't let her sleep in (cause I am sleep Nazi); we shopped, talked, and checked out boys.

Good week!


*Has anyone even heard of the song Big Balls in Cowtown?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


The flight attendant as we are boarding the plane in New York:

"Everyone, it's 29 degrees up here with the doors open. Let's all hurry up, sit down, so we can take off and get to Texas 'cause it's 62 degrees there."

She was right.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Back in the US of A

The only thing better than seeing friends full of smiles at the airport, is having your friends NOT show up at the airport to pick you up? Why is that good? Because they send a stretch limo to pick you up. I love my friends! Oh, and damn it's cold up here.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Pub Conversations

Here in Rome I routinely hang out an Irish pub called Finnegan's. I have made lots of 'pub friends,' 99.9% of which are Irish, English, and Australian men. Last night I was at said pub drinking a pint before heading home to pack when one of my 'pub friends' decided to chat it up with me. Chatting turned to flirting, flirting turned to him trying to feel up my leg (I was wearing a supercute outfit last night-- biker boots, fishnets, knee-length black dress). This boy, while being cute and funny has a girlfriend (we even talked about her for 30 minutes!!!).

Conversation proceeded as follows:

F, "Please get your hand off my leg"
Boy, "Why would I do that?"
F, "Because I told you so"
Boy, "Why can't I touch your leg?"
F, "The list is as long as my arm, but the main reason being you have a girlfriend"
Boy, "What if your leg is better than hers?"
F, "What does that have to do with anything?"
Boy, "So if I didn't have a girlfriend I could touch your leg?"
F, "If you dumped your girlfriend JUST so you could touch my leg, I would probably think that's strange, so I might not let you touch my leg even then"
Boy, "Well, I would hope that the leg touching could lead to more"
F, "Why would you think that?"
Boy, "Well do you fancy me? I mean, the only reason I can't touch your leg is becuase I have girlfriend. So if I had no girlfriend, there would be no other reason? You wouldn't think that my arms weren't big enough, or that I'm not tall enough... there are no other reasons, right? So if I had no girlfriend I could touch your leg right now?"
F, "There are no other reasons, I think you're cute... except right now even if you didn't have a GF I would still probably not let you touch my leg... we are in a pub"
Boy, "So if we were somewhere else, I could touch your leg?"
F, "It depends where. With your clients, no. At another pub, no. And you would still need to have NO girlfriend"
Boy, "With my clients it would fine. You should see how the company's CEO's act" [he goes to Milan once a week to meet with clients and CEO's. He's a number cruncher for an international company here in Rome]
F, "Take me with you to Milan and we'll see"
Boy, "REALLY? But then I'd have to touch your leg"
F," No, you would get me a separate bedroom"
Boy, "Bollocks!"

...the conversation on went like this for 45 minutes!...

I told him when I got back to Rome in March we'd see about any leg touching!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


For all those times I have rubbed your faces in the dirt about being somewhere warm & sunny while y'all were somewhere cold and miserable, you can now rest easy. It has been hailing in Rome off & on since I got back from Sharm-el-Sheikh. The fact that it is hailing is not bad in and of itself... Here's what's bad. Picture this: me on my scooter. Cute leather gloves. Chic coat. Heels, sexy stockings, skirt... and it starts hailing. THAT is bad. And it hurts like hell. Hail hitting your face while you're going 50 mph is not a pleasant feeling...

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I just got back from the most gorgeous trip the Red Sea in Egypt. Did nothing but scuba dive (one of the most gorgeous coral reefs in the world), lay out, eat and drink. A very relaxing holiday.

Here are some pictures of how gorgeous it was. The ocean was clearer than the pool. From the surface, you could see the bottom that was down 30meters (over 100ft).

Nice, right? That is a tiny island in the middle of sea.

Blogger is only letting me post that one picture. The other ones are in a different format. Dammit. Oh, well.

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