Monday, February 27, 2006

Winter Olympics 2006

The winter Olympics were above and beyond any expectation I had. Everything was well-organized, safe, and just FUN! Have loads of pictures, will post them soon-ish.

Meanwhile, Trainer is obsessively calling me. I have to divorce my gym.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Off to Win the Gold

I am leaving in 1.2 hours for Torino to check out the following events:

Monday morning - men's superG finals (my dream of watching Bode Miller win the gold then us making out on the podium have been dashed)

Tuesday day- skiing @ Bardonecchia

Tuesday night- USA v. Russia ice hockey!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday- snowboarding finals. sweet.

Thursday- Men's freestyle (aka, the killer jumps, tricks, and fun stuff) finals. Cant WAIT!!

Won't post for a week. Will be wrapped up in all male hotness.

Oh, and have I mentioned how much I LOVE atheletes??


Dontcha just love it when you leave the house for a quick beer with friends and say you're gonna be home by midnight cause you're tired and the next thing you know you are putting on your sunglasses to go home and you open the front door to your house and your mother and brother are drinking coffee and eating breakfast and when they ask you where were you this early in the morning and you say, "gym?" and they actually believe it because you are all bundled up in 7 layers of coats so they can't see that you are wearing a sexy lowcut shirt? Dontcha just love it?

I do.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Juggling Boys

Last night I had the following plans:

8.30pm -10.30pm: Dinner with ex-boyfriend
10.30pm-12.30am: drinks with hot trainer
12.30am-on: drinks with English buddy at Irish pub to go over our respective dates

My night instead went as follows:

Got to dinner late, so 9pm-11pm ate dinner. And didn't leave exboyfriend's house...till 4am.

Oops. All I know is that I didn't put out much at ALL. I love being mean with ExBoyfriend. (in addition to that, while we were together, trainer and British drinking buddy texted me --for a total of 12 times-- and each time I got out of bed [fully dressed in bed] to get my phone, giggle, and answer the test).

But he just opened his own law firm, and I promised that I would help him break his new desk in. Will keep you posted on that.

I have date tomorrow night with Trainer and drinks with English buddy day after tomorrow. Then after that, I'm off to the Olympics.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hot Trainer, Part II

Someone has a date with thier hot trainer on Wednesday night. (all it took was 3 sessions, and I ask myself if he asked me out even though I look like old ass in the gym, how wowed will he be when he sees me in all my glory?)

Someone also has a dinner date with Ex-BF Wednesday night. I shall be juggling my boy schedule (and hopefully something else, too).

Sunday, February 12, 2006

25 years old and countin'

Had a great birthday dinner with mom and sister on thursday night: swank meal, expensive wine, the works.

Friday, I got my rowdy crowd out to dinner. We were put into semi-private side room. There were 2 tables: ours of 15 people, and one next to us with a group the same size. During dinner, we drank 19 liters of wine and ate and ate and ate. We were talking a mixture of English, Italian, Spanish and some drunken Chinese thrown in for spice. The table next to ours had 13 cute boys and 2 girls; one boy decides talk to me in broken English, till he found I spoke Italian. Then it was kisses and hugs (from ALL the boys) for my birthday. At this point, our table decides to do a little massage train, and the train carries over to the neighboring table. The train did a big snake across the room. I then found out that this group was all together to celebrate the publishing of one boy's book. He was a published poet (and damn, cute). What IS it with me and poets lately?? I, of course, start chanting for a poem from him, and the rest of the room joins in with me. I get my birthday poem and I was impressed. He was GOOD!! We then convice this
table-full of boys to join us at the club we were going to. [My buddy Jerry announces, at some point around here, that I have gorgeous nipples, better than Paolina Bonaparte's statue by Canova-- she is amazing, check her out here: ]

After dinner, over at midnight, normal by European standards, we trudge over to the club of my choice, but these 15 boys, of course, can't get in. I wave, in a drukenly moviestar fashion, as my gorgeous friends and I sail right by the guards. Shots, drinks, shots, dancing on tables, boys getting my number, shots, security telling me to get off the couch, security telling me to get off the table, shots, taxi... no more memories. But apparantly I invited the new boys I had to met to breakfast, and when I didn't show up they were not too pleased. Oh well.

For my birthday I got AMAZING earring from mom and sister (they had a cheap pair I had copied into solid gold, a Furla bag, a Max Mara shirt, chanel makeup, cashmere scarf, yay, such booty!)

I went out again Saturday night for my birthday and am going out again tonight. I have dinner plans all this coming week for my birthday. I love long celebrations!! Gotta get my
party on!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Sucking my ass up a tube

Today is my birthday. I'm 25 bitches!! Anyways, going to dinner tonight with my mother so I decided to look puuurty. Took a loooong hot bath. I turned the hot water jets on during my bath and was totally relaxed. The water is sucked into the jets through a filter on the side of the tub. I had not realized that this filter had come off so when my (large) ass got near to that sucking machine, half of it got sucked in!!! It was so painful, but mainly so unexpected that I screamed and half my household came running. Now I have a nice round bruise bigger than my hand on my right ass cheek. Excellent.

Going out tomorrow night for party night with friends. As you all know, I believe in week-long celebrations.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I found out that at my gym every person is assigned a trainer in the weight room. The cost is included in my monthly fee. I did not know this until yesterday, when I decided to get a weight routine. I lucked out and got a hottie as my trainer. There is no way I a missing a session-- EVER. I worked out so hard that my whole body is killing me today, I could hardly drive my scooter out last night.

But it was worth it.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

It's My Party

I love it when I plan something-- like a superbowl party at a pub-- and invite half of Rome, then I find something better to do, and don't even show up.


I got lots of angry text messages Sunday night, like, "Where the FUCK are you? You are buying my next 57 rounds. Last time I show up for you" --- yeah riiiiiight

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Computer Problems

Have you ever been so mad at your computer that you could have kicked it? Well, I did. I wasn't mad it at this particular moment in time, but I did accidentally drop kick it.


Let me tell you what. Computers, especially laptops, don't like being dropkicked.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I ask my self why I would go out on a blind date with a 20 year old? Even if I like him, I don't want to sitting across from him during dinner.

Sometimes, I don't even understand myself.


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