Thursday, March 30, 2006


Sicily with MeZack went beautifully. Other than staying in a scary mafia-infested neighbourhood (also full of fragrant fish markets), and the fact that we could not find any bars, we had a blast.

I ate squid ink (aka black) past every night, while MeZack recovered from his bout of food poisoning by drinking gallons of wine (the Sicilians weren't even shocked when we asked for plastic to-go cups).

One of the things I read about was the famous (or infamous) Fountain of Shame. I had to find it at all costs and dragged poor MeZack all over Palermo looking for it. When we (finally) did find it, we were ashamed... rightfully so, I guess.

Tuesday night we went to the beach and ate an amazing (fishy) meal with the cool breeze of the sea against our skin.

If you want a MUCH more colorful description of our trip, read MeZack's blog. Trust me, it's worth it.

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